10 Golden Rules for skin care of your baby


  1. Prepare the bathroom.Prior to bath time baby is therefore necessary to heat the water in the bathtub, which should be about 37 °, and the bathroom itself, so that the ambient temperature is between 20ºC and 22ºC. In addition, it helps to have at hand all you’re going to need: products, towels, sponge …
  2. Always slope.Once your goals baby in the bath during the first few months you must hold firmly. From 4 to 5 months can now employ a bouncer bath. And in no time you leave unattended or in the bathtub or in the changer.
  3. Use specific products.The liquid soap should be one child, hypoallergenic and pH neutral, which respects the skin’s acid mantle. It is also important to have a sponge, preferably it is natural.
  4. Controls the time.Try not to have him in the tub more than five minutes and wash her ​​hair just moments before removing the water because babies lose a lot of heat from the head.
  5. Wash gently.When you finish bathing the baby, by gently pat dry it without rubbing to avoid irritating your skin . Double check all folds and wrinkles to make sure there is no moisture.
  6. Do not forget to moisturize.Aplícale moisturizing baby milk, giving a gentle massage all over the body.
  7. The diaper change. Sensitive areasto clean baby’s bottom, use special wipes right now, or if you prefer, water and a cleansing gel or super fatting soap. It is essential to clean from the cleanest to the dirtiest area, front to back, to not drag dirt.
  8. Antibacterial barrier.Once cleaned, and before placing the new diaper , make sure it is completely dry the folds of the buttocks and English, and apply a good layer of sunscreen in the ass, whose function is to create a barrier that prevents possible irritation in this area, due to direct contact with urine and feces.
  9. Do not overdo the perfume.To perfume delicately, you can use a few drops of cologne without alcohol, to spray on your scalp or your clothes.
  10. Also cares away.Leaving walk with your baby in the autumn and winter covers to protect the most sensitive both colds and the action of cold-drying areas. On the face, always use a moisturizer with sunscreen, even if clouds and no sunrise.