Disputes between partners

Disputes between partners

How to protect your child

Here are ways to reduce the negative effects that your arguments with your partner can have on your child:

Try, as far as possible, not to argue in front of your child.

If a dispute occurs in his presence or close enough for him to hear it or the way, do not shout or excessive.

Disputes between partners

If a dispute occurs in his presence or close enough for him to hear or that way, discuss solutions with your partner and put an end to your fight. Make peace as soon as possible for your child means that disagreement is over and that they learn to resolve conflicts by following your example.

Try not to disturb your child by playing for a moment and showing you overly nice to your partner the next moment in order to compensate for the hardness of your trade.

Do not deny that you have played if your child has seen you. Reassure him instead, saying that even if your partner and you were angry against each other, you hold one lot to another.

Make it clear to your child that it is not the cause of the conflict, there is nothing.

Make sure that neither you nor your partner does not imply your child in your conflicts forcing him to side with either of you.

Disputes between partners

Try not to justify your arguments by type excuses: “My day goes wrong” or “I am angry, that’s all.”

If your trade is physically violent or begin to have an impact on your child’s behavior is that it is time to get help. Consult your physician to direct you to appropriate family services located in your area.