Teen Bedroom Decor Ideas for 2015


Teen bedrooms can be challenging places to choose a good look for. Teens tend to use their bedrooms for way more of their activities than adults do, for example studying, hanging out with their friends, watching TV and surfing the internet all tend to be done in the same room where they sleep. This means the room needs to be a lot more flexible than an adult bedroom, but also needs to be stylish. Teens generally care about moving away from childish design elements and having something trendy and modern that makes them feel grown up and impresses their friends (rather than embarrassing them by demonstrating how much they used to love Hannah Montana a few years ago), so your teen may well want a new bedroom look more regularly than the practical need to decorates arises!

One good thing about decorating for teen rooms over children’s rooms is of course, your teen can play a more active role in choosing things, painting walls and putting stuff together. If you are planning a bedroom revamp with your teenage son or daughter, here are a few ideas:

Sleeping Arrangements for Friends

A lot of teens tend to have friends stay over at a moment’s notice, so having an easy sleeping option for them is a must. Consider beds that have a built in second mattress underneath that can be quickly pulled out, or, you can go for something that can also double up as seating like a futon. If space is really limited, even a bunk bed can be a good solution, but having something in place will definitely save arguments when your kid has friends to stay!


If there is one thing teens love, it is their technology and media, so making their TV, games console or computer a central point of the room can be important because they are going to spend a lot of time using it! Just as in a living room we tend to point all the seating at the TV, make sure their computer screen or TV is easy to view from places in the room they and their friends will sit.

Sleep Comfort

It may seem like your teen sleeps a huge amount, and actually, they have been proven to need more sleep than anyone else. Of course, they also tend to enjoy staying up late, so to make sure they get good quality sleep when they do go to bed (and feel nice and snug when they are sleeping till past noon at the weekend), consider bamboo fibre bed linen. Bamboo fibre feels nice on the skin and is very breathable, so it is a comfortable choice all year round, and it is also very hard wearing. Visit Threel.co.uk for luxury bamboo cover sets.

Giving your teen son or daughter a room that is great to sleep in but also comfortable and fun as a place to hang out and be with their friends can make for a much happier home life, so consider these ideas when planning your teen’s new room design!