The Best Adrenaline Sports You and the Kids Can Do from Home


Adrenaline is released in all types of exercise but the amount depends on the intensity and duration of the exercise. The higher your adrenaline levels the more likely you are to enjoy the exercise and perform better. While going for a jog may burn off some calories with a slight increase in adrenaline, doing a higher adrenaline based activity will have a far greater effect.

Unfortunately most high adrenaline sports require a lot of equipment, special training or travel. However, there are a few adrenaline fuelled activities you can do from home (or nearby) that will get your heart rate pumping.


Skateboarding provides a great fitness workout as you use your legs to move and arms to balance. It improves flexibility and endurance while working muscles that would otherwise go ignored. For beginners it’s best to start off slow and be equipped with at least a helmet from Skate Hut with elbow and knee pads advised too.

Requiring just a board and basic safety gear that allows you to reach high speed and get the adrenaline flowing, skateboarding is one of the simplest ways to get your blood pumping quickly.

Horse Boarding


Referred to as the modern day equivalent of chariot racing, horse boarding is a relatively new sport that can be done with just two people (and a horse). The horse boarder stands on an all terrain board attached to the back of the horse as the rider gallops around a track. The idea is to compete across 100m or 400m against an opponent without falling off, but novices should practice before entering an event.


Developed from military obstacle course training, parkour is more than just running around and jumping off benches in a city centre. It requires no equipment other than a pair of decent trainers and a creative mind. Parkour can be performed alone but it’s best to have someone else nearby in case of injury. The main aim is to see your environment as an obstacle course, getting from one point to another by vaulting, jumping and running.

Roller Derby

Roller derby is increasing in popularity all the time and there are now teams all across the world. A helmet, pair of roller-skates and good balance is all that’s needed. There are rules to be followed but to simplify it involves working as a team to go round a circuit, blocking off opponents so your team’s scorer can lap everyone and score points.