Join the Ranks of Successful Mums Working from Home

Mums Working from Home

There are growing numbers of professional women who have opted to stay at home whilst their children are little. Many have taken to working from home so as not to give up their careers altogether. It’s amazing just how successful you can be working from home with just a little extra planning and a routine that doesn’t interfere with family duties. Here are some tips from mums around the UK who have made a successful go of working from home.

Hire an Au Pair

With little children in the home it is quite difficult to focus on working during normal daytime hours and of course at night you are just too tired to get much work done. Most mums who work from home suggest that you hire an au pair to mind the children when you are closed in your office working or even when dealing with a client. If you have never hired a nanny or an au pair, there are agencies to help you find someone who meets your needs.

You can find au pair in London with without ever needing to leave your home. Let the agency send candidates to you for you to interview. As well, when going through an agency it is much easier to check references so that you know you are hiring someone who is qualified to work with your children.

Office Location

This brings us to the next suggestion which mums running a successful business from home have to offer. They advise that you keep your office as far away from the play area as possible so as not to be disturbed by rambunctious tots who obviously can’t be expected to whisper all day long. Many mothers have built a home office in a garden building so that they are totally separate from the household. Not only does this serve as a quiet setting but it can be more easily set ‘off limits.’ This is a real advantage if your line of work necessitates meeting with clients regularly.

A Separate Phone Line

Another thing you may want to consider is having a separate phone line installed. It is highly unprofessional to have other household members picking up the phone whilst you are on the line with a customer. As well, the line needs to be free for incoming calls and if there are teens in the house, you can count on the home phone being tied up every afternoon and most evenings. A dedicated business phone line is a must.

Many mums have made a success of working from home even though they had a few little details to iron out. It can be done and will give you the time you want to be free for your children when they are little and need mummy the most. With a bit of organisation and a few minor adjustments, it will be well worth the effort. You can have the best of both worlds, a career and be a stay-at-home mum.