Taking amazing photographs while you travel


When you get home from an amazing trip, it can be nice to have photos that captured your most memorable moments. How many times have you heard someone say: “I wish I had taken a picture of that”? Even if you return to the same travel destination later, the opportunity for that great photo will likely never happen again. Having many photos to capture the memories will help you share the experience with friends and loved ones when you return.

Use those great shots for more than just memories

Stunning photos can be used to enrich the lives of others and provide you with some revenue. Stock photos and images are purchased by people all over the world for use on websites, brochures, art, etc. It is a great way to share your experience with people and make some income. You may even find that the pictures pay for the cost of your trip over time! This can also be a great way to see if photography might even be a good career or second income for you.

Learning about the travel experience of others and thus learning about different cultures and lands can be a great way to bring everyone together. Here are some tips for taking the best travel photographs:

Use a camera, not a smartphone, when you can

Smartphones are amazing devices that allow us to communicate with people all over the world, conduct business, and take photos any time. They are great for capturing those moments that would otherwise be lost. Unfortunately, the picture quality and options can still not compare to a good camera in many cases. Anyone who travels should invest in the best camera they can afford. High quality cameras are space efficient so they won’t load you down badly. Some high quality cameras are not much larger than a credit card, while advances in technology have made them highly affordable.

Set aside time

If you are travelling with friends and family it can be hard to get the best shots, because you are concentrating on them. Setting aside a specific moment or period of time to wander and take photos can help you take better shots, because you can give the place and the picture composition your full attention. Make sure you take multiple shots of the same scene, because sometimes it takes more than one try to get that great shot.

Take advantage of bright colors

Bright colors and backgrounds can make for a dramatic and eye catching photo. This could mean taking a picture using a bright beach as a background, or a plain wall with stunning paintings on it.

Late afternoon light is your friend

There can be many opportunities for epic photos in the late afternoon. The sun is lower in the sky then and the light is not as harsh as it can be during the middle of the day. The closer your travel destination is to the equator, the less time you have where light is your friend. This can mean planning your photography within a very specific window of time.