Louis Vuitton the French Fashion House


There are several beloved luxury fashion houses in the world, many originating in Paris, but few are as well-known or loved throughout the world as LV. Louis Vuitton purses, bags, travel bags, and accessories are sold in the brand’s stand-alone boutiques, other high end boutiques, and luxury department stores in countries throughout the world.

Iconic Style

Paris is synonymous with high fashion and LV is among the most loved fashion houses in the world. The styles and designs from this brand consistently outsell most other luxury fashion brands, but not all women can afford the cost of these products. High Bags offers replicas of Louis Vuitton handbags at great prices with shipping available to locations around the world.

Origins of the French Fashion House

Louis Vuitton was founded in Paris by the fashion designer of the same name in the mid-1800s. The LV brand has remained at the forefront of fashion for more than a century and a half, only becoming more popular with each passing generation. The bags can be seen on the arms of fashion models, celebrities, and women of means throughout the world.

A Monogram Known Worldwide

The LV monogram is among the best known and most easily recognized logos in the fashion world. The monogram appears on most of the products offered by the brand and many consider it to be a status symbol. The LV monogram can be found on travel bags, trunks, and ready to wear leather goods, shoes, sunglasses, books, jewelry, timepieces, and other accessories.

Often Poorly Imitated

The monogram is so well known and exact that it can easily provide a clue that a particular bag is genuine, a good replica, or a poor quality replica. In fact, if you want to rule out low quality knockoffs, the quality of the monogram can be the best clue. Cheap LV bags and purses often have monograms that are off center, not well printed, or appear to be the wrong color, such as green.

The Best Imitations

Because many women want others to think they are carrying the genuine designer bag, shopping for a quality replica is imperative. Use the designer bag as your guide and carefully compare the replica to the original. Look at the whole bag design, the fabrics, hardware, and materials, and the construction to weed out bad imitations and find the best replica for your money.