Top 5 Animal Costumes for Children


Animal and little kids are the perfect combination; animal dresses blend well and make a great costume for kids. You can find varieties of adorable dresses for your child; however, narrowing your option to 5 would be quite tough. No matter whether your kid is young or too small, sleeping infant wearing Pikachu Onesie can be simply too adorable. Kids look very cute, wearing furry and fuzzy costumes along with funny accessories, and paints, especially with whisker coated on their chubby cheeks.

Before you go to clothing shops and spend some large amount on expensive costumes, look through your child’s junk drawers, closets, and crafts boxes for inspiration. Here are some best animal dresses, which are perfect for toddlers, infants, and kids of all ages. For fun attires, go for Kigurumi Onesies that come in different mascot heads, spats, body structure, etc. You can also make use of paint and makeup on whiskers and nose.

Choose According to the Theme

If there is no theme, you can choose the animal costume of your kid’s choice, whatever you find fancy. Scroll through Kigurumi section to see wide range of products. If you’re presenting your kids or coupling with other, you can buy either contrasting or matching dress, adding a whole new element to the fun. For example, you can make your kid a mouse, shying away from elephant onesies.

You do not have to create a complete new dress, but instead use the accessories smartly, which will add fun factor and authenticity. You can add some firework to create sparkle in your dragon dress or add banana to improve monkey costume, keeping safety and health rules in mind.


White, black, grey, tan, and brown hooded sweat suit fabric in contrasting shades (brown spots, white suits) can be merged together. Choose a pair of sock matching dress collar or belt. Little girls and boy’s dresses as puppy dogs look just adorable; they can be wildly revved-up, poodles, or beagles.


Give felines the equal billing; children dresses as kitties look cute, which you are definitely going to pamper. These attires can be professionally created; to be more elaborate, include some fake ears or keep it simple as little leotard. You could take a sweat-suit in gold, white, grey, black, tan colours and match with same or similar socks.

Lions and Tigers

Kids look equally delightful in tiger and lion’s dresses, like kitties; a small baby that looks like king of forest shouldn’t be given a miss. While making ears for kid’s animal costume, keep the sewing loose, so that you can reuse the top, after the party event or fancy dress competition.


The red sheet or green hooded sheet of blue can be matched with fabric glue; you can choose the yellow version and add some pointy tail. You can get different kinds, styles of dinosaur or dragon, and buy the one in which, your kid feels comfortable.


Kids look just cute in butterfly attire that comes with a wing. Choose unique, enticing colour and paint wings with florescent shades in different patterns and shapes.

It is often observed that friendly frogs, cuddly pooh bears, and pink pigs cause risk at social events. You need to choose an appealing onesie that gets plenty of accolades.