Are We Obsessed with Digital Devices?

Whether it’s tablets, smartphones, laptops, computers or smart watches, modern digital devices have become a common part of daily life, and are used by millions of people all over the world. So popular are these devices, that people spend a huge amount of time looking at screens of different shapes and sizes, both at work and at home.

But are we becoming obsessed with these devices? If so, does this have any potential ramifications for our health?

Today’s youth – particularly in western civilisation – would appear to be constantly attached to their smartphones and tablets, but how serious is this apparent connection with digital devices? According to research cited by the BBC, people under 25 years old check their phones an average of 32 times a day, and 43% of the same age group report experiencing genuine anxiety if they’re unable to check their phones regularly.

Those are shocking and rather worrying statistics, and they would suggest that the younger generations are becoming obsessed with their devices. However, it’s not just the new generations; older people are spending a phenomenal amount of time with their smartphones too. A recent study found that 30% of people spent most of their waking hours (9+) looking at an electronic screen, and 60% of people spend five hours or more on a digital device.

With such an incredible amount of time spent staring at a screen, what effect is this having on our health, or more specifically, our eyes and vision? To answer this question, Shade Station have produced a fantastic infographic entitled ‘How Technology Affects Eyes and Vision’. The infographic is included below, and it’s well worth reading through to learn more about how modern digital devices can affect your eyes:


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