Four Possible Reasons You’re Not Sleeping Well

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Suffering with sleep problems can be really frustrating and have a negative impact on your daily work life and family life. If you’re a mom, you’ll understand how precious sleep can be sometimes, and if you’ve been up with the little one for nights on end only to discover that you can’t sleep well even when you have a free night, it can be a highly worrying situation. From simply being unable to wind down to other more serious health conditions, there are many reasons why our bodies don’t switch off at night like they should.

Too Much Caffeine

If you’ve been up all night and then had a busy day to face, you could be forgiven for wanting to drink a cup of coffee every half hour just to keep your eyes open. However, the issue with this is that if you’ve been dosing yourself with caffeine all day to stay awake, it’ll do just that – keep you awake. Meaning, that by the time it’s bedtime and you finally get to sink into your cozy bed, the caffeine is going to keep you up again. If you do need to drink caffeine to give you a boost, it’s not recommended that you drink any for a few hours before you plan to sleep.


Studies show that prolonged use of technology and having technology items such as televisions in bedrooms and constantly on can hinder our sleeping patterns. Using technology requires some amount of brain power, and even if you’re just reading or playing a game, it can stimulate the brain to remain awake. Artificial light is also another reason why technology keeps people awake at night – and it’s not good for your eyesight, either. Simply having a television in your room could affect you, so make your bedroom a no-tech zone that’s a peaceful sanctuary just for you.

Your Diet

When you’re considering reasons for a poor sleeping pattern, diet is something which you should definitely take into consideration. If you are sticking to a healthy diet routine and working out often whilst keeping sugary foods to a minimum, your sleeping pattern should be improved. Those who have a poor diet and eat a lot of sugary or processed foods should consider improving their diet and lifestyle in order to see a difference in their sleeping habits.

Your Health

Of course there could be larger reasons involved when it comes to why you’re not getting much sleep at night. You could be suffering from insomnia, a common condition which causes patients to have trouble getting to sleep, even if they’ve been awake and busy all day. Chronic fatigue syndrome could also be an answer, which often comes hand in hand with insomnia, and means that no matter how much sleep or rest you get, you always feel permanently tired. Both of these conditions can be treated by your local doctor or by specialists such as fatigue treatment Northern Virginia.

How well do you sleep at night?