Safety Tips when Using Air Compressors at Home

An air compressor is a power converter device which is a vital piece of equipment used in commercial and non-commercial industries. It is indeed a useful device; however, if it is used inappropriately, it can be extremely dangerous. Overheating, oil leaks, and ruptures are just some of the risks of using air compressors. It is then particularly important to familiarize ourselves in the proper way of using it. After all, prevention is better than being sorry afterwards.

To keep you safe when using this powerful device at home, here is a list of some safety tips when using the air compressor.

Clear the Surrounding Perimeters

Using an air compressor can be quite dangerous especially if there are flammable devices nearby. Clear the surrounding perimeters from equipment like aerosol sprays and gas appliances first. Then, make sure that the area is safe for you to use the air compressor; keep a fire extinguisher nearby if necessary.  Avoid using extension wires as it can lead to the drop in voltage, thus affecting the compressor.

Check the Air Filter

Check your air compressor’s air filter regularly. Make sure that there isn’t any dirt or anything that is clogged inside. If it is washable, then you can remove and wash it from time to time. If you fail to check the air filter, this may lead to the compressor’s poor performance; thus, you may need to buy a new one.

Check the Oil Level

The oil level is one important thing that you also need to check in your air compressor. See to it that your air compressor is well lubricated. This is to avoid damaging the unit. Running the air compressor without any oil inside can cause damage to some of its parts. However, do not let the oil overspill on the surface of the machine.

Read the Owners’ Manual

The owners’ manual is included upon purchase of the machine. It is for you to read, so be sure to at least scan it. It contains useful information that will guide you in using the compressor. Reading it may help you in managing future damages on the device without the help of a mechanic.

Use Protective Gear

You can use protective equipment to minimize injury just in case the device does not work properly. Some of the important things to wear, when using the compressor, are eye and hearing protective gear as some compressors make loud noises that can be harmful to your ears.

Use a Reliable Air Compressor

To prevent any possible accident and injury, the best thing to do is to ensure that the air compressor that you are using is of good quality. Purchase only those air compressors that are reliable and already trusted by many. If you ensure this, not only are you saving yourself from injuries, but you are also saving yourself from wasting your money in buying an inefficient and unreliable air compressor.

Finally, in conclusion, if you follow these guidelines, you will minimize the risk of injury to yourself and those around you.