Want To Know The Legal Processes Involved in LGBT Divorce Cases? Read This!


Thanks to progress in legal and social acceptability, same-sex couples can get legally married in various states of the USA. An example of one of these states is New York. In this state, the legal system recognizes gay and lesbian marriage. As long as the same sex couple satisfies the residency laws and regulations of the state, they can get married and even divorce in these states. The lawyers and judges involved in divorce cases between lgbt couples seek to provide the best possible conditions for the kids after divorce.

Are these divorce cases any different?

In the eyes of lady justice, divorce between same-sex couples is exactly the same as that between heterosexual couples. However, from an emotional point of view, they are very different. The emotions that are involved are quite complex. As such, lgbt divorce lawyers NYC have to maintain a high level of empathy, sensitivity and understanding. This is because they must be able to fully understand the couple involved in the divorce.  In these cases, the couples are unique and thus the whole case is.

The role of an lgbt lawyer in a divorce case

There are some professional law firms that have lawyers who are highly trained and experienced in lgbt cases for example the Mandel Law Firm. The lawyers who are involved in these cases have some special characteristics. These characteristics include:

  1. Ability to detect and adapt to the subtle nuances of a same-sex relationship
  2. Ability to provide emotional support to the parents and children of same-sex couples
  3. Ability to understand the needs and wants of the same sex couple

In cases of divorce between same sex couples, the lawyers have a responsibilty to divide the assets as fairly as possible within the confines of the law. They are also responsible for negotiating child custody for the parents. Their sole responsibility is to ensure that the children get the best possible living conditions after the divorce. The Mandel Law firm is located in New York state and was one of the first to handle cases of same-sex divorce.

How does the legal system regard divorce between same sex couples?

There are many stark differences between same-sex and heterosexual couples. These differences are physical and emotional in nature. However, when it comes to divorce cases between same-sex and heterosexual couples, the courts do not treat them differently. Specific factors such as the division of property, alimony, support for the children as well as visitation are handled as the law requires. Since the law has a nature of ‘one size fits all’, it takes lawyers who are emotionally stable and understanding enough to apply the sharp edges of the law on sensitive individuals such as same-sex couples. The lgbt divorce lawyers work to ensure that they set some achievable and realistic goals that are for the benefit of the couple and the children involved. They seek to solve the legal troubles of divorce and set a path where all parties involved can live successful, fulfilling lives.


Divorce is a situation that can emerge between couples of various nature. Heterosexual and same-sex couples can experience this situation in their lives. If they do, there are som experiences lgbt lawyers who can guide them throughy this challenging period of life.


James Hardenwell is of the most successful and well known lgbt divorce lawyers NYC. He has handled various cases in the state and ensured that the couples set paths that ensure their wellbeing and that of any children involved. His knowledge has made this report possible.

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