Norway for kids – it is hard to think of another country for traveling in Eastern Europe


Traveling to Eastern Europe is a dream comes true for many. The countries are superb, the activities abound and the weather conditions are just ideal regardless of the season. However, planning a holiday with the kids can be challenging. Finding convenient accommodation for everyone, making sure the little ones are entertained, and along the way making time to enjoy yourself is easier said than done. Where should you go this year to have the best time of your life? How about Norway? The country boasts with a wealth of attractions, places of interest and activities for the kids. Read on to convince yourself that there’s no other place in Eastern Europe like Norway.

Kid-friendly activities

Norway is a wonderland for kids. The activities are diverse, fun and quite educational too. The country is famous for its adventure tourism. Young travelers should definitely try out a wildlife safari experience, whether to see the Northern Lights (in winter) or the Midnight Sun (in summer). Hunting for elks and whales, hiking the trails and admiring the fjords are a must. Svalbard will leave your children speechless. Located up north, this place is perfect for a camping trip. Take them to explore Norway’s wilderness and they’ll cherish the experience for a lifetime.

Among other activities that they can enjoy, we should mention visits to the museums and the aquarium. The Setesdalsbanen Railway Line is better known as an open-air museum on rails. The trip is both educational and fun especially since it’s done with a 100-year old steam train. The scenic views of the surroundings will make the trip seem magical for the kids.

Norway for kids

Farming activities & animal feeding experiences

Since most love animals, why not take them to a farm? The rural life of Norway is diverse, engaging and truly entertaining for the little ones. The Langedrag wildlife park and mountain farm for example, is a sanctuary for birds and animals, but also for people. The reserve is perfect for families traveling on a budget. Kids will have a unique opportunity to admire species of lynx, wolves, and polar fox, as well as an abundant wildlife where they can enjoy trekking activities and hiking with the parents.

Exploring the theme parks

Some of Scandinavia’s most thrilling and entertaining roller coasters are located in Norway. Kristiansand Zoo & Amusement Park is a great place to start. The area is actually made of several parks combined, so you might want to arm yourself with a lot of patience as the kids will need a whole day to explore the ins and out of this place. Kristiansand Zoo in particular, spans on over 150 acres. The exotic animals – tigers, endangered red pandas, lions, monkeys, apes – will keep your kids entertained for hours in a row.

Hunderfossen is Norway’s most entertaining family parks. In the summer, the activities are endless. Located in the middle of the country’s cultures and traditions, the park boasts with the most spectacular surroundings. Have a picnic with the kids, allow them to run and play, and at the end of the day head over to the family restaurant for a nice and enjoyable local dinner.  Families with pre-scholar kids should also check out Høyt og Lavt Activity Park which is at a 40-minute drive from Tønsberg. Here tourists can enjoy a thrilling journey on the 500m zip-line, attend the concerts and theatre shows, enjoy kayaking, climbing and canoeing, and so much more.


No trip to Norway is complete without exploring its capital city – Oslo. The metropolis is home to early 550,000 inhabitants. The people are nice and friendly, the food is delicious and the activities abound. Take the kids to beach and enjoy quality time together admiring the peaceful surroundings. If you have more time on your hands, take them to the National Gallery for deeper insight into the Norwegian culture, customs and traditions.

Traveling to Eastern Europe is incredibly fun for families with kids. Norway in particular, is a country packed with family-friendly activities and places of interest. Take them to see the famous Northern Lights, and then pick a place to lodge. There are numerous affordable and comfortable lodges you can check out. However, make sure to book in advance to get the best deal and enjoy the most incredible European adventure.

By Alfred Stallion and!