The benefits of buying condoms online


Condoms are the most popular contraceptive that protects not only against the risk of pregnancies, but also prevents the spread of diseases. However, social obstruction against sexual freedom has always been a debated issue, and the cultural brainwashing that happens as a part of religious propaganda causes a lot of unnecessary hassles for all. hence, we become more cautious about the idea of sex and priva For both men and women, the very idea of buying condoms from complete strangers is often an embarrassing situation that many would like to avoid.

Why do people find it embarrassing to buy condoms in public?


As the BBC post ( declares, a study was done by Condom Fusion that tried to find out how many people were embarrassed to buy condoms in public. An astonishing 56% of the total number of people viewed reported that they were uncomfortable discussing condoms in public.
Cultural brainwashing over years has focused on hiding sexual affairs behind bedroom doors. The whole act of sex has always been portrayed as sinful and shameful. As a result, people are extremely uncomfortable about the idea of sex.


When it comes to devaluing sex and need of protection, religion has always been whipping out a strict propaganda. Catholic Christianity still states that abstinence is the solution to teenage pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. But reports show that sex education and information regarding contraceptive measures like condoms are most effective. Since religion has a mass appeal, many people are scared of discussing such matters related to sex in front of others.


A lot of men are very insecure about their penis size. Many often walk into the store and buy the biggest condom size even though they may not fit the girth of their penis perfectly. They think that shopkeepers and other shoppers might judge them because of the size of condoms they are buying.

What is good about buying condoms online?

  • A lot of popular condom websites like sell different types of condoms which could meet people’s varied needs. These sites over a few years have become the ‘go-to’ online stores where people can buy anything they need to spice up their sex life.
  • Endless variety:
    Some women prefer dotted condoms more than ribbed ones. Some men might want something exciting like glow in the dark condoms. Whatever it is that you might prefer, these websites like Condomania will have it all! Condomania also has special offers on popular items ( where you can get your condoms at a lower price than in the stores. Condoms are usually inexpensive, but sites like Condomania sell a lot of condoms at a wholesale price which can be financially a good option to use.
  • Education
    When you go online to buy your condoms, you can find a lot of information on how to use them and the size you should buy. Condomania ( provides a guide for buying condoms for all penis sizes. You can get instructions on how to use condoms properly, and you will also learn about the different types of lubricants and other items you can use to heighten your sexual experience.
  • Anonymity:
    A lot of people find it embarassing to buy condoms at the store. However, when they are at home buying condoms online, they are very comfortable because they can do it in their own privacy. They do not feel judged or insecure in any way. They even feel confident to try things that they normally would not if they went out to buy their condoms.
  • Easy accessibility:
    Online sites selling condoms keep a wide variety that you would not find elsewhere in the market. A lot of shops store only plain condoms, and often do not have non-latex condoms which are necessary for people who have allergy to latex. Also, if you need somehting to spice up your foreplay, you will have a better chance of finding it online than in the stores.

Buying condoms can be a challenge if you do not know where to go. You might still prefer to drop by the store and pick up a few rubbers for your date, but you ought to put a little more thought into spicing up your sex life.

Buy condoms online, and not only will you be shelling out lesser money than usual, but you will also get rare items which most stores do not keep.