Here are some things you did not know about Cleopatra


Are you one of those people who can be referred to as an old soul? Your interest for the past cannot be satisfied by books or even the numerous movies that you may have stumbled upon. You would probably get satisfied only if you got the opportunity to go back and live in those years. If you are that kind of person, you must know about Cleopatra facts.

You must be aware that most of the things that you do on your day to day life have been influenced by the past. When it comes to some modes of dressing and how issues are addressed, jewelry used today and what not. Climate change facts as well are things that you should want to know about.

There are some fascinating facts about the past like Cleopatra facts that you ought to know about. In case you are not in the know, there is definitely need for you to catch up; not later, now! You may have heard about Cleopatra facts but you probably do not know all about it; the things that actually matter. It is high time that you got to know them.

Here are a number of things that you did not know about Cleopatra facts:

  • Cleopatra’s life

Cleopatra facts show that she was an Egyptian queen born in Alexandria, Egypt and died at the same place. Cleopatra was also a pharaoh in Egypt and was known to be very bossy. At the age of 18, she became the pharaoh. You can imagine how young she was yet still got that title.

This is contrary to how life is today whereby when you turn 18 years you are called an adult and given the right to do what you would consider fun like drinking and drunk driving. In the BC periods, Cleopatra became a pharaoh.

She died at the age of 39 having lived a life that you would consider fulfilling.

  • Her ruling period

You probably think that she ruled for such a long time. Truth is that her reign was just for a short period of time; this is also revealed by the Cleopatra facts and not just hearsay.

  • Cleopatra’s love life

Cleopatra facts have shown that she got married to 2 of her brothers and had a total of 4 children; two of whom were from different men. About marrying her brothers, this was a custom of the Egyptians that they had to marry their siblings. This is unheard of today though.

She was also a mistress to a 52 year old man while at the time she was only 21 years young.  In today’s society, this is an issue that would raise heads and cause serious discussions.

There is much that can be said about Cleopatra facts, so much that it cannot be exhausted in just one sitting!


Gilbert Andrea is a 30 year old young man who is a fanatic of the ancient stories. He says that the Cleopatra facts excite him. He loves to read about the Climate change facts as well. During his free time, Andrea loves to go out with his friends.