How to Get Your Teenager Excited About Using a Daily Planner

As your child enters high school, making a daily plan or schedule becomes increasingly important. It won’t be long before your teen is off to college or embarking on adult adventures. It’s important that you give him or her the necessary tools for a successful life. This starts with a daily planner and staying on top of responsibilities. Here are some easy ways to get your teen excited about daily planning.

Talk About the Importance of Planning

Discuss the importance of planning and how it leads to success. Do you think that successful business people like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs rose in their industry because they flew by the seat of their pants? No; they had goals and plans. When you make a plan to do something, you are more likely to do it. Organizing your daily activities is also a great way to ensure you have time to do the things you enjoy.

Show Your Planner

If you keep a planner (and you should), then show it to your teen. You can discuss the little tips and tricks that you use to make planning easier. What do you like about your planner? How does it help you? Use this to further the discussion on the importance of creating a schedule.

Explore Planner Options

You might love your planner, but your teen might have other preferences. That’s ok; luckily, there are many different kinds of planners available. Now is a great time to start exploring the different options for daily, weekly, and monthly planners and calendars. Research the pros and cons of different types of planners with your teen.

Let Your Teen Try Some Out

You don’t necessarily have to buy every type of planner out there. Have your teen select one that interests him or her. Try it out for school. If it works, great! If not, your teen can try a different planner when you decide the time is right.

If you really want to give your teen the tools for success, you can start by discussing the importance of organization with a planner. Use the tips listed above to inspire some excitement in your soon-to-be adult.