How To Potty Train Your Child Over The Weekend

child potty

Having a child is perhaps the biggest milestone in any couple’s life. Parents will never forget the day their child was born or when it first opened its eyes, and they’ll certainly never forget when it took its first steps and uttered its first words. They’ll probably also never forget just how challenging raising their toddler was, and one of the biggest difficulties with children at a young age is teaching them how to use the potty.

New parents who’ve just recently had their first baby have the challenge of potty training to look forward to, and until they’ve taught their child to do it successfully, it’s going to be a case of changing nappies constantly and dealing with small accidents. Some parents may believe that potty training takes a huge amount of time, and it can do depending on the training method used. However, many people claim that children can be potty trained in the space of a few days.

This article will attempt to share a few quick potty training tips with new parents, and that could make life much simpler as their children grow into their toddler years. Parents who are struggling to teach their children how to use the potty shouldn’t worry because it’s completely normal, and there are many childcare centres in Perth that are there to help.

The Fastest Way to Potty Train

The following potty training method works best for children under 28 months old, as children older than that may be more resistant to learning. It’s important to wait until the child shows signs that they are ready to learn, and those signs include:

  • Staying dry for two hours or more at a time
  • The child asking to use the potty or toilet
  • Showing resistance to wearing a nappy
  • Having bowel movements at a regular time on a daily basis

Starting up to five weeks before potty training commences, parents should start taking their child to the toilet with them so the child can observe what their parents do, such as pulling down trousers and flushing the toilet. When the parent has finished, they should make up a celebratory dance so that the child understands that what just happened was a good thing.

Now that the child is aware of what using the potty means and they’ve observed how others do it, the weekend should be intensely focused on celebrating – using the previously taught dance – every time the child successfully uses the potty, even if some pee or poo goes on the floor. As long as the child recognises that they’ve done a good thing every time they used the potty, they should perfect the skill in no time.

Little Peoples Place are one example of a company that can put parents through to some great childcare centres. If parents are struggling to get their child using the potty, a childcare centre will be able to help tremendously.