Put Down That Smartphone: Tech Gadgets Kids Want To Play With


As of 2013, over 75% of American children have access to a tablet or smartphone, with that number likely to have steadily risen now we’re in 2016. Many parents despair with the amount of time their kids spend on smartphones, often thinking nothing will drag their attention away with some considering drastic measures to do so.

If you’re worried about how much time your child spends on their iPhone without doing anything constructive, there are plenty of innovative gadgets out there that are sure to be the perfect solution. Often featuring great educational and health benefits too, this range of gadgets is specifically crafted with kids’ welfare in mind.

Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablet

Offering child-friendly software, simple navigation and educational resources, the Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablet is a perfect option for many young children. Providing an ideal balance for both yourself and your child, it will give you peace of mind that they’re using something educational whilst still satisfying children who enjoy electronic gadgets.

Also featuring a great parental control function, you’re able to tailor the tablet to your exact specifications without your child even knowing! Safe and simple to use, this Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablet is just $99.99 and guaranteed to keep the kids happy.

MiP Robot

Expertly designed for kids, the MiP Robot is a tiny triumph. Standing at just 8 inches tall and able to perfectly balance on two wheels, it’s guaranteed to provide kids with hours of fun without having them glued to their smartphones.

Capable of changing direction at the sense of an obstacle and featuring 8 different modes for your child to choose from, the MiP robot has received a positive surge of reviews online. And, at just $59.99, it will make a great birthday or Christmas gift for any child that loves dynamic electronics.

Air Kicks Anti-Gravity Running Boots

Perfect for getting your kids outside for some fresh air, these innovative Air Kicks Anti-Gravity Running Boots will guarantee endless fun and excitement. Powered by rubber springs transform stepping energy into springy, low-impact strides, this is what gives these shoes their definitive anti-gravity feel.

Another stand-out feature of these boots is their fantastic health benefits. These days, getting kids outside for exercise can be a chore, but these boots are a sure-fire way to get children excited about physical exercise and their overall health. From just $139.00, these forward-thinking boots are sure to leave some of your budget spare to treat your child to even more health-related gadgets, such as one of the best toothbrushes out there specifically designed for kids.

So, if you’re feeling worried about how much time your child spends on their smartphone, tablet or computer, try branching out to one of the above gadgets and introduce them to something new. With so many options featuring both health and educational benefits, your kids’ mental and physical welfare is sure to improve too!

Naomi Phillips is a Mom doing her best to raise her family to be well-rounded individuals. She relies heavily on technology to keep life organized, and writes about family life in her articles.