Retrain and Make a Difference to Your Child’s Future

No parent likes to think about his or her own mortality, but eventually we all die. An interesting infographic from the University of Arizona reminds us that 60% of all deaths worldwide are due to chronic illness and with an aging population to contend with the American healthcare system is under immense pressure.

This represents a great opportunity for parents who are thinking of entering higher education to retrain in the nursing profession and help implement a patient-centered healthcare system that will benefit you and your child. RN to MSN programs can be studied online, which is a great way to boost your qualifications. In addition, as the infographic reminds us, nurses with an MSN stand out more and stand a greater chance of finding employment and leadership roles.


The Dissecting Patient-Centered Care infographic was produced by the University of Arizona’s College of Nursing.

University of Arizona Online Nursing Degree