Everyone Needs to Own a Weekly Planner, and Here’s Why

In this digital age, it might seem like paper planners are no longer necessary. Everything can be added to your email calendar or the calendar app on your smartphone. While digital planners are extremely useful with their reminder features and quick accessibility, many people take them for granted and fail to use them. Paper planners can be just as useful, but only if actually used. If you don’t own a weekly planner yet, digital or paper, here are a few reasons why you should start using one today.

Where There’s Responsibility, There’s Much to Remember

Technology has made it possible for a single person to accomplish much throughout a single day. This means there are many more items for which a person is responsible for completing in one day than there ever were before. When you have a lot of responsibility, it can become difficult to remember absolutely everything you have to do. Even if you have a photographic memory, a planner is a physical reminder of those things you run the risk of forgetting.

You Can Reduce Stress and Understand Your Limits

By seeing your schedule laid out for you, you can take a deep breath and understand what you do and don’t have time for. This can help relieve stress by empowering you to say no to engagements that conflict with your current commitments. The more you use your planner and track your habits, the more you can understand your own strengths and limitations. In other words, keeping a planner can help to calm the chaos of life and assist you in learning more about yourself.

You’re More Likely to Be Productive and Feel Productive

It’s easy to dismiss something in your schedule as unimportant when you merely rely on your memory to help you do it. On the other hand, when you write something down and see it daily as a reminder, you are more likely to actually do it. Once you complete something on your planner, you are likely to feel productive and motivated to do even more. This is particularly useful for people who feel as though they don’t do much throughout the day. You can actually create a record of your accomplishments.

When daily life has you gnashing your teeth at all of the things you hardly remember to do, it’s time to consider getting things organized with a planner. When you use it properly, it stands to provide you with many benefits to make life a little easier.