Four Buzzworthy Blog Topics for Healthy Families in 2017

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While it may be cliché to make the resolution to be healthy in the wake of the new year, consider that just about everyone is looking for tips and shortcuts when it comes to their well-being.

Whether it’s losing weight or finding peace, millions of blog readers are hungry for information on how to improve their daily lives and are looking to the health blogosphere for guidance.

Why can’t you be the one to provide it to them?

After all, it’s easier than ever to build a brand (or even a hair systems business) through avenues such as blogging and YouTube; however, standing out from the competition is the most difficult aspect of finding success.

Fortunately, breaking through the noise and making yourself stand out is possible when you’re covering buzzworthy topics. If you’re interested in starting a health blog or simply want to make sure that you’re outdoing your competition online, consider the following four hot-button health topics to build your audience in 2017.

Specialty Diets

Chasing diet trends is easier said than done; likewise, it’s often difficult to discover diet tips that are actually beneficial versus a bunch of marketing noise. That being said, discussing diets is a great way to drive debate and create buzz in the comment section of your site. For example, the following three diets always get a rise of out readers:

  • The Keto diet: after all, the low-carb debate is hotly contested, especially for the long term, but is certainly worth exploring
  • The Mediterranean diet: often discussed as the ideal diet for heart health, this diet offers flavors and flexibility that may be of interest to those who are turned off by stricter plans
  • Intermittent fasting: the idea of consuming your calories within restricted “eating windows” is gaining heavy traction within the fitness community, for example


Home Workouts

To fight the epidemic of New Years Resolution-ers dropping out of the gym, consider reviewing home workout options for those who want to realistically fight their fat. From yoga routines to home dumbbell workouts, stress the fact that working out from home is often more time effective versus the gym and can help your readers keep money in their pockets.

Fitness for Kids

Parenting is always a healthy subject for debate (quite literally), especially in the modern era of mommy blogs. That being said, there’s plenty of discussion and disagreement over how to keep our kids fit. For example, the following topics may serve as a hotbed for discussion:

  • Limiting virtual play-time (such as video games) and finding creative ways to get kids outside
  • Whether or not children should partake in a vegan or vegetarian diet
  • Thoughts on finding a balance between fitness and academics for older children


Providing your unique insight not only shows off your expertise and personality, but encourages readers to respond with their own take on such subjects. Their opinions which may very well be controversial, which is good news for keeping readers on your site longer.

Reviewing What’s New

The popularity of ratings and review posts is a win-win situation for health bloggers. On one hand, you get to understand the latest news and trends in your industry: on the flip side, you can share that knowledge with others in the form of a review post.

Each time you read a new book in your field, try making a short review response to drive interest and encourage others to share their feedback. Likewise, review posts are a natural place for affiliate links if you’re looking to make money from your blog.

Engaing your audience involves following what’s new and understanding what gets people talking. Through touching on these topics, you not only build your own unique readership but also stand to become a bigger player in the health blogosphere.