Common Garbage Disposal Problems

Your garbage disposal has a fairly simple mechanism, consisting of rotating blades circulated by a motor system under the sink. However, taking it for granted and dumping things indiscriminately into it can create problems. Just like a jammed toilet bowl, a jammed kitchen sink can create an emergency situation.

Anyone’s first response is to press the reset button to get things going. However, the right thing to do is to look for reliable 24 hour emergency plumbers. Chicago and its neighboring areas are served by some of the best plumbing services. For instance, you can get experienced and professional plumbers in Evanston, like Mike’s Chicago Plumbing Services, which can quickly fix a malfunctioning garbage disposal. Here is a list of the common garbage disposal problems that homeowners face.

Leaky Garbage Disposal

Often, the problem could be a simple leak, and these can occur at several places on a disposal system. First of all, check your drain connections. If the leak is on the drain pipe, the rubber gasket will need replacing. If you have only recently installed the system, make sure that the ring around the sink flange is tight. If you haven’t found the leak yet, it is possible it is in the disposal body, and will need professional help.

Jammed Garbage Disposal

This happens when you can hear a humming sound from the motor but there is no grinding happening. It could also be that the disposal makes a lot of noise, or stops before it is actually turned off. The problem could be a fruit pit or a bone piece stuck between the drain hole and the impeller blade.

Stop running the disposal once you identify the problem to avoid burning the motor out. If there is a hex-shaped hole at the bottom, use a hex wrench or broom stick and try to rotate the impeller. Under no circumstances should you use your hands to remove something that might have caused the jamming. Look for emergency plumbers in Chicago that offer 24-hour plumbing help.

Garbage Disposal Won’t Work

Another problem is when the disposal doesn’t work but there is no humming sound either. It could be an electrical problem, so make sure the system is properly plugged in. Now, press the reset button and wait for it to pop out. In case this doesn’t work, look for plumbing services in Evanston. Mike’s Chicago Plumbing Services provide garbage disposal support in the city.

Slow Draining

There are a number of reasons behind a disposal system that drains slowly. The most common is improper disposal. Assuming you have allowed enough time for the disposal to run, it could be a case of clogged drain line. Avoid using caustic drain opening agents or clog removers like Draino, since this could damage the disposal.

However, if you want to clear obstructions in the sink, do so using a sink auger. It is a better idea to look for emergency plumbers in Chicago that offer plumbing support 24 hours a day.

Foul Sewer Smell

Foul smell coming from your disposal unit is quite common and can be treated. Chop up a couple of lemons or an orange peel and place them in the disposal along with a few ice cubes. Run the disposal for half a minute and then spray a little liquid detergent while it is running. Run cold water at the end for 30 seconds so as to rinse the debris away.