Top Tips for College Study as a Parent


Studying can be a very stressful experience, and many individuals at college often find that they need to make some large adjustments to their schedule in order to fit their new educational commitments around their lives. This is especially so in the case of parents, who are returning to higher education more often than ever before. Studying counselling for substance abuse and similar degree programs can be significantly draining on students, which is why parents can often find juggling family life and academics difficult. We’ve put together some top tips to help parents succeed at college.

Online Learning

Whether you’re looking for degrees in substance abuse counselling, engineering, or even creative writing and the arts, there’s something for everybody available online. With more and more students embracing this modern alternative to attending traditional on-campus classes, parents are also seeing the advantages to studying online, too. Since there are no classes to attend at set times of the day, online learning provides parents with just the right level of flexibility and independence that they need to fit higher education around their commitments as a mom or dad.

Be Prepared

When studying as a college student, it’s important to do plenty of preparation in advance so that it’s easier to stay up to date and keep on top of your work. College education is always more difficult if you’re spending more time catching up on things that you’ve missed instead of working on the current topics. As a parent, you are likely going to be stretched for time anyway, so keeping on top of things by careful forward planning is vital to your success.

Financial Aid

When attending college as a parent, one of the main things to worry you could well be how you’re going to afford college tuition and cover the costs of student life whilst bringing up your young family. Online programs are also advantageous for students who are hoping to save money, with substance abuse programs, counselling and more on offer at lower prices than traditional campus-based programs. Students can also apply for financial aid to help with the cost of college, depending on their circumstances.

Get College Support

With more and more of the students enrolling on college programs each academic year being parents, colleges have had to ensure that they offer support and facilities for students with children. If you’re attending campus classes, for example, an on-site crèche or children’s play area may be available to help you with your childcare responsibilities. Children are usually allowed in most areas on campus such as the library and many professors have no problem with them being in a lecture. Getting support from your college is perhaps one of the most important steps you can take when returning to education as a parent.

Going back to college after having children can be difficult, as you no longer have as much time to commit to your education. These top tips will help you make the most of your new academic venture as a parent.