Kids Must be Protected When They Play in the Sun


Kids adore being out in the sun splashing in a swimming pool, riding bikes or playing sports. Parents know that most of the sun damage that happens to kid’s skin happens before their 20th birthday. The UVA and UVB rays of the sun are known to cause damage through wrinkles, aging of skin, sunburn, and even skin cancer. Melanoma is a common concern of parents, and for good reason.

Skin cancer, including the most serious type called Melanoma, is an insidious thing. It happens so slowly, taking years to develop. We can easily be lulled into a false sense of security when kids are out in the sun and forget the sunscreen. The best thing parents can do to help prevent sun damage to their children’s delicate skin is to apply sunscreen correctly and conscientiously. It also means applying sunscreen again after several hours, especially when kids have been swimming.

Certain High Risk Factors Make Sunscreen Even More Important

There are certain risk factors of developing skin cancer and other problems for some kids. These include having very light skin color, having a noticeable amount of moles, especially when their parents have a lot of moles, and a family history of skin cancer. Other kids with very light skin and freckles, or a tendency to freckle when exposed to the sun, should also be properly protected.

UV rays are always the strongest during the summer months, so these are the months to be most conscious of using sunscreen correctly. The time of day can also make a difference, with the noon hour being the most concerning time when kids will be exposed to the strongest of the sun’s rays. Where a person lives can also make a difference in the strength of the sun’s rays, taking the latitude and longitude into consideration. No matter where you live, though, it’s always good to protect kid’s skin as a precaution.

A Sunscreen that Protects the Environment

What if you could find a sunscreen that protects the environment while it protects your kids? There is a sunscreen that is free from Oxybenzones and Paraben and long-lasting, working even when kids are in the water. You’ll find it here if you shop now. It also comes in 50 SPF strength for the best protection.

When kids are swimming in a natural reef area, having fun snorkeling or simply enjoying coral and fish sightings, it’s good to know that coral safe sunscreen will help preserve this delicate environment for our kid’s future enjoyment. When you’re out swimming, it’s smart to protect the environment from hazards like dyeing and bleaching to preserve the beauty of nature.