Try These Fun Things to do in Fort Worth


There are many great places to explore in the United States. However, few have the history and charm of Fort Worth. This vibrant city has some amazing things to do and is especially friendly for couples and families. With many squares and restaurants in the city center, you can spend many nice days just walking around. However, what else can you do in Fort Worth?

The Botanic Garden

Established in 1934, the Botanic Garden is the oldest one in Texas. It features over 2,500 species of native and exotic plants in 21 specialty gardens. The Botanic Garden is one of the best things to do if you have a family, there are so many different areas to discover including koi ponds, bridges, waterfalls and a Zen garden. Overall, the Botanic Garden is a good thing to place on your list, especially as apart from the Conservatory and Japanese Garden, the rest is free to enter.

Stockyards National District

The Stockyards is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and it is easy to see why. This dockyard was once the hub of the livestock industry and was the last major stop for rest and supplies. Today, the 98-acre district celebrates the long traditions with a variety of attractions that are focused on the cattle industry. You can see a championship rodeo and Longhorn cattle drives. You can also see the stagecoaches thundering through the district.

SeaQuest Aquarium

The SeaQuest Aquarium is an interactive experience that lets you take a trip around the world and discover exotic exhibits. These include reptiles, tropical birds, and sea life. SeaQuest Aquariums are perfect for family and couples who love nature and want to get closer to animals and marine life.

Kimbell Art Museum

The Kimbell Art Museum is a comprehensive museum that houses a small collection of 350 works. Although the number is small, the works are superb, and it also houses a research library and educational programs. It was designed by the renowned architect Louis I, Khan and the building were recognized as a significant work of architecture. The collection features work from all over the world, which makes it an eclectic mix. Even so, you will be amazed by the quality or the works on show.

Fort Worth Zoo

Established in 1909, the Fort Worth Zoo is a nationally ranked facility that is home to over 7,000 native and exotic animals. It is Texas’ oldest zoo and has 16 permanent exhibits including Texas Wild! Other habitats include Raptor Canyon, World of Primates, Meerkat Mounds, and Parrot Paradise. There are lots of walkways and shaded areas, so it is great for the family. There are also picnic areas as well as dedicated food outlets.

Fort Worth is an amazing city that has many attractions for the family and the couples to enjoy. Even if you are just passing through, you should stop to see some of the historic structures and attractions that have made this place famous over the years.