Should You Buy a Ferret for Your Child?


It is not unusual that your child will want a pet, and there are certainly lots of pet options to choose from. Having pets is a great way to promote positivity and responsibility towards animals. So, will a ferret be a good pet choice? have a good guide on what to expect from ferrets, but here is some general info on ferrets, to help you decide whether they are the right pet for you and your child.


Ferrets are a small mammal, similar to weasels, coming from a domesticated version of the polecat. Typically, they come in different colors with mixes of browns, blacks, and whites. They are very cute and playful but do have some special requirements, so it is important to make sure you can meet these needs. Ferrets normally live for 10 years, so you will need to be responsible for them for a long time. Whilst they make great pets, there are some things that you should know before you consider buying or adopting one.

How to Care for Them

Ferrets need at least two hours of time a day outside of their cage. This means that you will need a suitable space for them to play in, without harming themselves or your room. They have a tendency to chew wires, so keep cables well out of reach! They do require some training and handling and will bite if not handled gently. If you have other pets in your home, they may not be a good choice. They cannot be trusted with smaller pets such as hamsters, mice, and even rabbits. As highly sociable animals, however, you will ideally need a pair of ferrets or even a group. You should take care when adopting, as with any animal, there are plenty of bad breeders. Ferrets from bad breeders will likely come with respiratory and heart problems, and buying from them is encouraging their unethical business.

Are They Suitable Pets for Kids?

Ferrets come with a lot of great attributes, as they are easy to feed and clean and are very playful and friendly. They will love and bond with their owners and have a long lifespan. As with any pet, you should take caution with your children around animals, as both kids and pets can sometimes misunderstand each other and even hurt each other. As a small pet, they are not dangerous towards kids, though they do bite when mishandled. This means younger kids will probably not mix well with ferrets. Ferrets require lots of attention and supervision, so if your kid gets bored and loses interest easily, a goldfish is definitely a safer option. If you teach your child how to properly care for a ferret, they can have a great time bonding with this friendly animal. Ferrets can even be taught tricks, so if your child is willing to spend several hours a day, playing and caring for these lovely animals, they will share a great bond.

With all of these things in mind, it is up to you to make the decision. If you feel your child is responsible and mature enough to care for a pet, then a ferret can be a great choice. They will require some investment in providing a suitable cage with adequate space and lots of entertainment for them whilst they aren’t out playing with you and your children. Also, be sure to check state regulations as, in some states, ferrets are not permitted.