Foods you can give your cat from your own plate


Known to have been first domesticated about 5,000 years ago, cats have now become an integral part of our lives. It has been said that time spent with cats is never wasted. Wouldn’t it be prudent to learn about their food habits before welcoming them into your home? Conjecture and experimentation with cat food is not a great idea, a little knowledge could help decide on the best food for your cat.

Pet stores like Our pet spot and many others are resourceful and offer a variety of choices of commercially produced food for your feline companion. But if you are curious to know what human foods you could give your cat, then read on.

No milk

We have been told for ever that cats could live on milk. But the surprising fact is that most cats are lactose intolerant and do not have the enzymes required to digest it. Milk, in most cases, causes acute stomach pain and diarrhoea. The solution could be to buy lactose-free milk for your lactose intolerant feline friend.

Cooked meat

Meat is a cat’s best friend because they require plenty of protein to survive. But remember to keep it healthy. Lean beef, skinless chicken, liver, cooked turkey and eggs are best. Do not give either raw or decayed meat to your cat.

Canned fish

Raw fish is also not a good idea to give your cat. Tinned or cooked fish would be best and would provide the necessary omega-3 fatty acids that help with eyesight, kidney health, arthritis and heart.

Vegetable snacks

Although cats are not fond of vegetables, they can be good as snacks and provide necessary fibre, vitamins and help with digestion. Fresh cucumber, peas and cooked broccoli, green beans or asparagus.

Cereal options

Some cereals are excellent for your cat’s health, like oatmeal, cooked corn or polenta. It is good to give them cooked grains like mashed brown rice, barley, millet and couscous that aids in digestion too.

Dairy treats

Some cats enjoy a dairy treat like hard cheese or yogurt. But since most cats are lactose intolerant, it is better to limit these to small amounts.

Avoid avoid

It is a most natural to share snacks with your pets. But if you have a cat, then do not share items like chocolate, candy, nuts, any kind of seed, garlic, onions, medication meant for humans, alcohol or coffee. Human food should be used only as a treat and kept to a minimum.

Your schedule will decide how often you feed your cat. Mornings may be hectic as there could be a host of things to take care of. If such is the case, it might be easier to feed your cat in the evening when it’s quieter and less hectic. On the contrary, if you are find that you might be running around all evening, feed your cat first thing in the morning. Try to find a schedule that suits you and your cat – and then keep it uniform.

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