3 Ways To Make Your Pregnancy More Comfortable


Pregnancy is a process which can vary from person to person as far as how positive or uncomfortable the experience is.  Some women hardly complain about their pregnancies, while others are counting down the days until they can finally give birth and start their lives again.

While there is no way to be sure exactly what kind of pregnancy you will have, and since each pregnancy is unique, it’s important to prepare yourself.  In order to set yourself up for the most comfortable experience possible, make sure that you equip yourself with the following items. 

Get The Right Clothes

Some women make the mistake of thinking that they shouldn’t bother spending money on maternity clothes which they’ll only wear during the duration of the pregnancy.  Therefore, they try to squeeze into their normal clothes or buy things which aren’t flattering. Simply because they have a lower price tag.

However, what many women don’t realize is that they won’t only be wearing their maternity clothes during the pregnancy itself.  It is a common misconception that the minute after the baby comes out, a woman’s stomach will shrink back to a normal size.   However, in reality, it can take up to a year for a woman’s stomach to shrink back to its original size completely.  Therefore, some women can expect to wear maternity pants as long as it takes for the stomach to get back down to a normal shape.  Investing in a few quality items which you feel good in will ensure that you have a more positive experience overall. 

Get a Maternity Pillow

As your belly swells more and more throughout your pregnancy, you may find that nights become more difficult.  As you are more and more restricted in what positions you can sleep in, you may find that you have trouble falling asleep and staying asleep.

A maternity pillow offers support for your hips and back and can give you a much better nights sleep than you would have without one.  There are a few different shapes and sizes out there.  Try one which you think would be the best for your specific needs.  Not only will it make a great addition to your pregnancy, but you can use it after giving birth for breastfeeding or propping your baby.

Watch Your Calorie Consumption

While it may be tempting to eat whatever you want during your pregnancy, it’s important to remember that whatever you gain you’ll have to work hard to get back off again.  Watching your calorie consumption ensures that you don’t double the work cut out for you after giving birth.

The more that you allow yourself to put whatever you want into your body during pregnancy, the more weight you’ll have to work hard to lose after giving birth which can add to your stress.