3 Ways A Sandwich Generation Caregiver Can Stay Healthy


As part of the sandwich generation, your resources and effort are spread thin. You are caring for your parents as well as your children and your time to yourself is limited. You are continually answering the needs of your small children and ailing parents and rarely have a moment to yourself. While you may feel like you are doing the best you can, you need to take time to care for yourself, so you will always be there when your parents and children need you the most. Uses these tips to keep yourself charged and stress-free as a caregiver of the sandwich generation.

Get Help When You Need It

Taking care of yourself is paramount to your success as a caregiver of the sandwich generation. You need to realize your limitations and ask for help when it is needed. You may need the assistance of respite care to come to your home and care for your parents when you are unable to do so. This caregiver service can be provided for a few hours or few days, depending on your needs and allows your parents to stay in the comfort of their own home while receiving generous and professional care.

Take A Break

As a sandwich generation caregiver, you are no doubt pushing yourself to the limits. This is not healthy, and you need a break every now and then to recharge your batteries. You can rely on respite caregivers to give you that time away as they will come to your home and care for your parents when you are not there. This will allow you to leave home without feeling guilty or worrying that your parents are uncared for in any way. Respite care provides that much-needed break to care for yourself and ensures you stay healthy enough to care for your parents and children.

Get Emotional Support

Caring for both your parents and children takes an emotional toll. There are times when you may be angry at the situation you are in or sad at the thought of health concerns of your parents. You may wonder how the living arrangement is affecting your children and you may be concerned that you are not providing enough. You need to get these frustrations out and speaking with a counselor for emotional support. This can help provide you the confidence and motivation you need to continue the good work you are doing and allow you to reduce the stress and strain you are feeling.

As a sandwich generation caregiver, you need to care for yourself first and foremost. If you are not healthy, you will be unable to provide for your parents and children and their needs will suffer along with your own. For more information about the sandwich generation and caring for aging parents, check it out this blog that details the effects and impacts this living arrangement has on a caregiver and their family.