Other Creative Uses for Bog Mats

Bog mats are used to help gain access across terrain that would be inaccessible otherwise. They are often used in at construction sites to form temporary roadways for heavy equipment access. JWA Oilfield Supplies distributes solutions to major on and offshore oilfields, but there are many other uses for bog mats besides the construction and oil industries.

Types of Bog Mats

Bog mats range in thickness from 70mm to ones over 200mm that can handle weights in excess of 60 ton. The choice of mat depends on the type of surface that it will be laid upon and the types of traffic that it will carry. When the ground conditions are poor, such as with peat, tidal ground, permafrost, or sand, thicker mats are necessary.

Low Environmental Impact

Bog mats add stability, while creating minimal damage to the surface. This makes them perfect for applications that require a plan for minimizing damage to the environment such as sustainably sourced timber production. Even where heavy equipment is not needed, bog mats could help reduce damage when work must be conducted in critical conservation areas.

Protect Underground Utilities

In areas that have underground utilities, bog mats are an excellent way to protect the lines from surface damage. A heavy rain can cause the ground on a construction site to be compressed by heavy machinery. This can cause damage to underground pipes and utility lines. This not only creates a work stoppage but can cause a liability issue. A bog mat can protect the lines and underground pipes from unforeseen damage from heavy equipment.

Nontraditional Uses

Bog mats are not limited to the construction or manufacturing industry. They can be an excellent flooring for camping, protecting campers from insect bites, wet ground, or rough surfaces. They also make excellent home gym flooring by providing a surface with traction. They can also protect flooring from damage caused by exercise equipment. Gardeners can use them to create weed free, dry paths between beds. They also make excellent bases for above ground pools.

Another nontraditional use is using bog mats in parking areas of outdoor events. This could help prevent a muddy mess in the parking lot. Outdoor concerts and events could use them to create dry aisleways, or as a surface for benches or chairs. Chair legs tend to sink in soft ground.

Events that involve livestock could use them to help prevent damage to the ground from horse hooves, tractors, and other related equipment. Bog mats should be considered any time there is the potential for muddy areas or damage to an area. They can make events more enjoyable for guests by providing safe and clean access to the activities.

Any place that has waterlogged areas can use bog mats to solve the problem. Bog mats are useful in many different circumstances, other than in the construction and oil industry. They are the perfect, environmentally friendly solution in any circumstance that involves wet or slippery ground.