Stop Taking Selfies, It’s Time for A Dronie


If the last decade of smartphone photography can be defined by any single trend, it is the selfie. And now, with the introduction of drones, people are flocking towards the brand new trend – dronies. Yes, you heard that right. As the name suggests, a dronie is essentially a selfie but taken with a drone instead of a smartphone.

Dronies Vs Selfies

When comparing a dronie with a selfie, one can instantly see that the former comes out to be a far better option than the latter. And this is because of the following reasons –

Classic Selfie Shot:  In a classic selfie shot, a user holds the smartphone with their hand and takes a selfie of themselves, usually either at an eye level or from an upper angle. The drawback of this is that one hand of the user is out of the picture. But with a drone, this drawback does not exist. When taking a drone, you can position it at an appropriate distance and have both your hands in the picture, thereby ensuring a better shot of oneself.

Group Selfie Shot:  In a group selfie shot, the person taking the picture tries to bring as many people in the group into the frame. But the larger the group is, the more difficult it is to do this. In fact, with incredibly big groups, taking a selfie where every single member is in the picture is impossible. However, if you opt for a dronie, you can easily bypass all such limitations. Every single member of a group, no matter how big the group is, can be captured in a group dronie.

Landmark Selfie Shot:  In a landmark selfie shot, the user attempts to take a picture of themselves with a famous landmark in the background. And in this case, the dronie easily beats the selfie. No matter how hard a user tries even after using a selfie stick, there will be a limit beyond which they will not be able to hold the smartphone. But with a dronie, the user can capture the entire background from as far as they want.

How To Take A Dronie

Taking a dronie is very similar to taking a smartphone selfie, the only difference being that you are using a drone. First, do a thorough pre-flight check. Then let the drone fly off, with it being positioned a few meters ahead and above you. The angle of the camera should be tilted, ideally around 20 degrees. That’s it. Now, all you have to do is to click and you will have shot a great dronie. If you need to take videos, then hit the record button and move the drone around to take some epic drone videos. Check out for some incredible selfie videos taken using a drone.

Tips To Help You Take Better Dronies

To ensure that you take some incredible dronie, make sure to use the following tips –

Camera Quality:  Check the quality of the drone camera before you decide to buy it. Just as with any smartphone camera, your selfie will only look incredible if the drone camera is top notch. Ideally, the drone camera should be able to shot 1080p videos at about 30 fps smoothly. If it can do that, then you can go ahead and use that drone to take some great dronies. Plus, if it comes with a mechanical gimbal that allows to easily adjust the rotation of the camera, then all the better.

Flight Modes: Next, check the flight modes offered by the drone. The more varied it is, the better options it will provide you when taking some creative dronies. For example, a drone might have a feature called gesture shot that allows you to direct the drone to locate, center, and take a picture of you by simply making some physical gestures. This feature can come in incredibly handy when you are rock climbing and want to take a long dronie of you and your friends hanging in the middle of a big boulder. So, when buying a drone, choose one that offers the most number of flight modes.

Vision Sensors: If you are a travel enthusiast who likes to travel to pretty remote locations, then you should ensure that the drone you buy must have vision sensors. This is because the GPS systems may not work in such remote regions. As such, if the drone only uses GPS for positioning itself, you will have a very hard time getting a good shot as the drone might just keep drifting. However, if you get a drone with vision sensors, you can be pretty sure to get it positioned in the exact spot you want.