3 Ways to Make Nursing More Comfortable


Whether you’re doing it for the first, second, or third time, nursing a newborn can be a difficult but amazing experience. It can be heart-warming to know that there’s a little innocent person that relies entirely on you for their every need. It can likewise be demanding and take a lot out of you, so ensuring you’re comfortable while on the job around the clock is important. A lot of what you’ll be doing in the first few months of your child’s life is feeding, changing, playing and putting them to sleep. This article is, therefore, going to look at three of many ways to make nursing more comfortable for you.

Use a Nursing Pillow

Research shows that breastfeeding has been on the rise over the last couple of years. More children are breastfeeding up to 6 months of age which means many women are withstanding the challenges. Nursing is something that you’re likely to do several times throughout the day and night. How often is heavily dependent on how hungry your baby is and how frequently they eat. One of the ways that you can make it more comfortable is by using a nursing pillow. These pillows are popular because they’re said to make breastfeeding easier. A good one should help position your baby closer to your breast, therefore, improving their latch. When choosing a nursing pillow, also remember to look out for things such as the fit, shape and fastening system.

Get Comfortable Chairs

Although you can nurse laying down, it’s likely that you’ll spend more time sitting down while nursing. For this reason, having one or two comfortable chairs around the house can be extremely useful. A good chair should enable you to sit comfortably while breastfeeding with or without the assistance of a pillow. It should support your back as well as be snug enough for you to sit in over relatively long periods. At times, you may get tired of sitting in the bed or in a chair, so getting a comfortable sofa bed may be ideal. You can find a modern sofa bed suitable for your bedroom or the living room online or at your local furniture store.

Try Nursing Bras

Another way to make nursing more comfortable for you may be to try getting a nursing bra. Although they aren’t a prerequisite for breastfeeding, they can make whipping your breasts out at different times of the day more convenient. Nursing bras generally have clasps that allow easy access to nipples for breastfeeding. To check for your size, you can go to any store that sells nursing bras and they can likely find one that fits perfectly. Another tip for comfort is using nursing pads to prevent milk from leaking everywhere at random times of the day when your breasts are full.

Nursing can be a new experience for both babies and you. To make it an easier process for the both of you, it is advisable that you’re as comfortable as possible while nursing. Seeing as you know your needs better than anyone else does, you should explore ways of making nursing easier for yourself outside of the ones mentioned here.