How To Encourage Your Kids To Stay Healthy

healthy eating

If you are trying to teach your kids to be more healthy and active, then you need to make sure that you begin by providing support and encouraging healthy eating choices at home. Kids learn by emulating and copying their parents, so if you are choosing fried foods over vegetables and lead a sedentary lifestyle, then your actions will be having an impact on your kid’s overall health and wellness. If you want to encourage your kids to make positive choices and get up and active, then you will need to start small and praise any behavior that supports change. Get prepared for some temper tantrums and resistance too, as not everyone will be on the side and up for getting healthy and active.

If you want to make sure that your kids remain focused and interested in improving their overall health and wellness, then you need to make sure that your entire family is involved in the changes that you are putting in place. It will not work if just one child is on board. Instead, you will need to try to encourage your entire clan to take an active interest – and explain to them just how and why you are making any changes. You could start by getting your kids to help you with meal times, and make sure that they are involved in planning and prepping the foods that you eat. From chopping vegetables to cooking up delicious, low-fat versions of your family take outs – with organic, fresh produce – make sure that you keep it fun and your children will begin to show an interest in where the food that they eat comes from, and which food groups are best for their body.

Memories at meal times 

Do you have fond, positive memories of your family mealtime? If the answer to this is a resounding yes, then you need to make sure to recreate the same positive experiences for your children. If you want your kids to adopt healthy eating habits, then make sure that you create the right, positive atmosphere at home and do not restrict food. As odd as this advice may seem, you need to trust your kids to make their own judgments, and they will soon learn that they feel ill or unwell if they eat too many sweet treats or candies. If you are guilty of eating your dinner in front of the television, then switch off the screen and make sure that you all sit around the dining table to enjoy your food and talk about the day that you have had. Meal times are for discussions and sharing quality time together, so make sure that you create a positive atmosphere in which to create and enjoy your own precious memories.

Healthy habits

If you want to ensure that your kids develop healthy habits and stick to them, then you will need to make sure that they fully understand how and why to make a change for the better. You could begin gradually by reducing TV or games console time and make sure that your kids enjoy some old-fashioned playtime outdoors with their friends and other siblings. Be sure to reward your kids if they choose healthy options while you are out and about, however, keep treats and sweet snacks in moderation. From playing in the park with friends to building a den outside and even swimming lessons, these are all great ways for your kids to socialize, meet new friends and remain up and out of the house – while being active also. If you feel that there may be some health problems regarding weight and your kids or your child is reluctant or embarrassed to make a change as they feel that their physical condition is holding them back, then do not force your child. Any long-term changes will need to start small, so make sure that your kids understand how and why they need to lose a few pounds. Never ever tell your child that they are fat, as this is only confirming their worst fears. Instead, choose the right time to discuss their weight issues and make sure that it is discussed in a safe and welcoming environment. Talk through why your kids may look to eating more than perhaps necessary, and you may even find that other issues – such as bullying or upsets at school – are fueling this problem. Once you understand this, you can begin to work on developing healthy habits with your child.

Visit the doctor 

If your kids are scared of visiting the doctor or dentist, then you need to shake things up and try to improve their current relationship. Remind them that any visit is for their own good, and make sure that they feel relaxed and safe when visiting the surgery for an appointment. If your kids are nervous or scared, then you could stay in the room with them and hold their hand – just in case. Try not to let any previous experiences influence the present either. You can learn more about the right health and dental coverage plan for your family on sites such as Green Shield Canada. Encourage your kids to share their concerns with the healthcare professional – and they will feel a lot more relaxed and less stressed. A visit to the doctor and dentist are just part of their future healthy lifestyle. An implemented routine can go a long way in terms of regular checkups.

If you find it hard to encourage your kids to keep healthy habits, then you need to make sure that your efforts begin at home. Be sure to switch off the television during meal times, and send your kids outdoors to play and boost their activity levels. Make sure that your little ones are welcome in the kitchen and be sure to let them help you prep and plan your meals. Finally, be sure to get your entire family involved in your health and wellness efforts – and you will all see results for the better.