Top Tips To Help Your Child Be Top Of The Class


It can be tough to help your kids become interested in school, in particular if they do not enjoy learning or would much rather be out in the yard with their friends. A child’s time at school is one of the most important time of their lives, as they are able to acquire new skills and develop their social capabilities during these crucial formative years. However, for children that do not find learning easy, or who do not enjoy school, then it can be difficult to ensure that your child wants to spend time in the classroom, let alone get them through the school gates. Worry not, as by making a few changes to how you approach education at home; you will soon have your child loving school and succeeding in class.

If your child gets stressed at the thought of going to school or is starting to get anxious at the thought or a particular lesson, then it is up to you to manage the situation before it gets out of hand. Make sure that you encourage your kids to express how they feel and be sure to provide a safe and welcoming environment in which they can discuss how they feel. If another child is causing your little ones to feel upset, then it is vital that you discuss this with their class tutor to solve any issues from escalating. Whereas if a particular topic or lesson is proving difficult for your child, then it is a good idea to schedule in an appointment to work out how both you and the school can provide them the support that they need. Enable your children to discuss how they feel about school, as these are some of the most important years of their young lives.

Meet the teachers

If you want your child to succeed at school, then you need to make sure that you display an active interest in your little one from day one. Be sure to make appointments to see all their class tutors on a regular basis, and attend each meeting with a list of points that you want to discuss. It is vital that you know who is who so that you can contact the right person in case you have any issues or concerns. Plus, by displaying an active interest in your child and their future, you will help to develop a partnership between yourself (as a parent) and your kid’s tutor. Taking time to meet the teachers should be top of your agenda if your children have moved school too so that you can find out more about the current curriculum that your children will be following and get to better know how the school educates and approaches certain topics. If your child is actively disinterested in school, then you can also work on a plan with their tutor to help get them more engaged and involved while they are in the classroom.

Home study

Homework is an important part of your child’s time at school. Not only does it help to reinforce that they have learned during the school day, but it also helps your little ones to learn how to study independently and act responsibly in terms of meeting deadlines. If your kids struggle to get focused while they are at home, it is up to you as a parent to make sure that they understand the importance of doing homework. Create a quiet and engaging space for your child to work in, preferably not the kitchen table, and be sure to check that they have enough to eat and drink on hand. Turn off the television and remove any other distractions, such as their smartphone and tablet, until they have completed their studies. If your kids struggle to get started, then you could also set a timer so that they have to work under pressure – meaning that they are much more likely to want to get their homework out of the way. If you have elementary aged kids, then allow around ten minutes for home study per school grade. However, if you find that you, and your kids, are taking too long to complete their homework, then it is advisable that you make an appointment with their teacher. During homework time, make sure that you remain on hand to offer support and answer any questions that your kids may have. You should also review their work to check that they have answered all of the questions successfully. Try not to answer the questions yourself, however, as it is up to your child to learn from their mistakes and take next steps to resolve any problems. If you feel that your kids need a little extra help while they are studying at home, then you could also consider investing in some additional learning tools and resources to help them. Sites such as Well-Trained Mind offer a variety of study tools and tips to help both you and your little ones. If your kids take time to do their homework, then their grades will improve over time.

Breakfast time

It is crucial that your kids leave the house prepared for the school day with a nutritious and balanced breakfast. Providing your kids with the right amount of calories and fiber will improve their concentration, meaning that your children remain engaged and focused during their lessons right up until lunchtime. If your kids struggle to fit in breakfast before they leave home, or catch the school bus, then you could give them some toast or a cereal bar that they can eat on the way to school. Children that attend school without eating the most important meal of the day are much more likely to get tired, grumpy and irritable, plus they may also have less energy for any tests or important events that they need to complete as part of the school calendar. So, make sure that your little ones head out of the door after enjoying a healthy and hearty breakfast, so that they have the energy they need to face the day.

Praise and support

If you are struggling to make your child interested in school, then it is vital that you provide them with the additional praise and support that they need so that they feel valued and appreciated. In particular, if your kids are struggling, or do not enjoy their time in the classroom, make sure that you create a safe and welcoming environment at home in which you can praise and check in with them on a daily basis. If your kids do not win any stars or certificates at school, then you could consider rewarding them at home or holding your own prize giving so that your little ones feel special and valued. Try not to promise your kids gifts if they attain certain grades, as you risk making them feel defeated and upset if for any reason they fail along the way. Plus, your kids should want to learn as they enjoy school, rather than because of the promise of a new bike. Provide your children with the support they need to succeed in the classroom, and you will soon notice that they begin to achieve better grades and display a more positive attitude towards attending school.

Remember your own childhood. If you had a negative relationship with school, then do you want your kids to feel the same way? By showing an interest in your children’s education, they will soon become top of the class.

If you want your kids to become enjoy school as much as possible and thrive in the learning environment, then you can do your bit as a parent to create a safe and welcoming space in which they can discuss any issues or concerns that they have in relation to school or their classmates. Remember that kids will not always want to talk these through with their parents, so it is up to you to provide a safe and welcoming environment in which your children can voice their concerns. Be sure to maintain a positive and engaging relationship with your kid’s teachers, so that you can help to build a better partnership with your children, and get to know the areas that they find difficult in a particular subject. Make sure that you support your children when they are completing homework, and try not to write all the answers for them! You should also ensure that your little ones leave the house with a full belly, after having enjoyed a nutritious breakfast. Remember this will help them to be more focused and ready to face the school day. Finally, it is up to you as a parent to provide your kids with the help and support that they need to do well at school. If you had a negative relationship with school, then it is up to you to ensure that your kids do not. By making just a few small changes, your little ones will go from average students to class top performers in little to no time at all.