Teaching Calculus to Young Children


Some teachers are coming around to the way of thinking that says the traditional method of teaching young children the basics of math is boring for them and often puts them off the subject for life. They usually learn how to do addition first of all, followed by subtraction, multiplication and finally division. As they get older, the numbers may get bigger but really until they start high school, all the math they do will be based on these four things.

If the same principles were applied to some other subjects, the results would be the same. Teach young children the boring part of art rather than giving them a freehand at drawing and painting, and by the time they are 7 they will hate art as much as they do math.

Math Can Be Fun

Calculus is the study of change in mathematics and can be turned into games to teach young children the principles. Starting with simple things such as showing the changes with animation and by showing how patterns work can peak their interest. Although generally calculus is thought of something taught to older children, in its simplest form it can make the introduction to math much more fun for young children. They will not be so bored by the subject, and by the time they are taught addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, they will find it easier to understand.

You can find much more detailed explanations at Calculus Help, which is a website dedicated to understanding the linear functions of calculus. There is even advice on the best way to pass the calculus test.

When Is Calculus Used?

Calculus is used in many different areas, although it is not always realized that is what it is. It is used in all areas of physical sciences, in engineering, computer sciences, economics, medicine, business, and any other area where a mathematical problem needs a solution.

Isaac Newton used calculus in his second law of motion, and Einstein’s theory of general relativity is also expressed in the language of calculus. These things may make it sound much more difficult than it actually is, and for many people, once the principles are explained, much of it is quite straightforward.

Learning Calculus

There are many courses available for learning calculus, although most high schools will teach it to students as part of the math curriculum. If you want to advance in certain professions though, you may need to take an advanced course in calculus. There are online courses that suit some people better because they can fit them in with a job or family commitments, or of course, they can attend a physical college or university.

If you want to be a biologist, an engineer, an architect, an aerospace engineer, a pharmaceutical scientist, an earthquake safety engineer or any one of a host of other professions you will find calculus very useful indeed.

When calculus is taught to young children, it can help to prepare them for the future math they have to learn and is a good way to keep them interested in the subject.