5 Things To Look Forward To About Your Kids Being Teenagers


Sure, you’ve probably heard about the horrors of the teen years of your child’s life.  It’s a time of testing their limits and being rebellious much to parents dismay.  However, what a lot of people hear about less is how much fun this period of their lives can be.

Although they may not be as simple of creatures as when they were toddlers, and their needs were basic, this isn’t a bad thing.  Your relationship with your teen can transform on a much deeper level, and they’re capable of all sorts of things.  Here is what you can look forward to most.

They Can Drive Themselves

From soccer practice to band camp, there is no shortage of places to drive your kids as they grow up.  After a few years, you may start feeling like you’re more of a taxi service than a parent at times.

However, when they get to be teenagers, they can legally start learning to drive themselves.  As long as they take a proper driving course to avoid getting into an accident, you can kick back and relax knowing that they can provide their own transportation, thereby freeing up your schedule.  Just imagine how much more free time you’d have if you could erase driving your kids from the equation!

You Can Have In Depth Conversations

As your children expand their consciousness and become more evolved human beings, so does your relationship with them.  Talking to your children as teens can involve all sorts of topics that weren’t possible at a younger age.

Often teens get a bad reputation for being shallow or only caring about social life. However, this can be one of the most profound ages for self-exploration wand pondering their existence.  You might be surprised to find that you can have some fantastic conversations together.

They Don’t Need Babysitters

Remember when you couldn’t leave your kids alone for a minute without them finding the sharpest knife or burning the house down?  All that changes when your child is older.  Older children are capable of taking care of their own basic needs like bathing, eating, and entertaining themselves.

As long as you’ve taught your teen the ground rules of what’s allowed and what’s not, you shouldn’t have any issues with leaving them unattended at the house!

They Can Help Around The House

Teens aren’t only capable of helping with housework, but they should be required to contribute.  Failing to teach them the value of contributing around the house will just do them a disservice in the long-run.

Teach them what needs to get done and make sure that they finish it every day or week.  They’ll be much more prepared for the real world, and it’s less work for you which is a win-win!