5 Tips For Designing Your House When You Have Kids


If you’re a couple who once loved your stark white couch and antique displays on your glass coffee tables, it can be a rude awakening when you have children.  Since children are natural explorers and want to get their hands on everything, you’ll have to adapt your design to the parenting lifestyle for a few years.

Having a home with kids means making things functional and non-dangerous.  Rather than calling your property manager every few days with a new repair to be made, you should instead make the changes necessary to make your home kid-friendly.

Here are some of the best tips for your home’s design when you have little roommates around.

Baby Gates and Locks

Don’t be afraid to use baby gates in areas which aren’t safe for the kids to go in.  Even though you may be a very attentive parent, there will be moments when you have to use the toilet or look the other way.  It’s not worth the risk of them falling down stairs or putting their hands in something dangerous.

Installing gates and locks to keep them out of harm’s way is essential when living with little ones. Even though a baby gate may not be the most aesthetically beautiful item, it’s worth putting up with for having the peace of mind knowing your child won’t get hurt.

Give Them Their Own Area

Just because you’ve got kids doesn’t mean you have to entirely sacrifice your love for design and beautiful things.  The trick is to help the kids identify which items are not to be touched and where they can go wild.

Make sure that you show the children where they have their very own space where they’re free to create and be children.  When they’re distracted by their area, they’ll be less inclined to touch your fragile items.

Get Furniture With Round Edges

Opt for furniture which has round edges instead of hard and angular.  Kids are famous for falling several times a day, and all it takes is the wrong angle to send them straight to the emergency room.

If you don’t plan on buying new furniture, then purchase corner guards which you can attach to the edges of your tables as bumpers in case of falls.

Smart Choice Of Fabrics

Kids are known for spilling, staining, and dripping all kinds of things on your furniture over the course of their lives.  Try to opt for fabrics which are patterned so that any spills will be less visible.

Alternatively, you may want to go for microsuede which is easily wiped off when things fall on it.  It costs a bit extra, but it’s worth knowing you won’t have grape juice stains all over your living room.

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