How to Cope After a Sudden Death in the Family


Dealing with bereavement is never easy. When someone has died who is a close-knit member of your family, it can seem as though your life has been turned upside-down. It can often feel as though you are struggling to cope, especially when you have young children in the family who are trying to understand death for the first time. It can be easy to shut yourself off from it and pretend everything is normal, but this can lead to further complications down the line. If you are struggling and need advice on how to deal with this sudden death, take note of some important advice below: 

Talk about it

When death comes as a shock, it is natural to try to ignore the feelings and not want to talk about it. Although everybody handles grief in different ways, it can place a further impact on your family if there are no discussions surrounding it. Even if it feels disrespectful, there are also practical problems that must be resolved before you can start the grieving process properly. Planning the funeral, and resolving inheritance disputes are some of these. With the latter problem, enlisting the help of someone like The Inheritance Experts makes the process go smoothly, so you can continue grieving for your loved one in the best way for you and your family.

Put your children first

If your children are experiencing death for the first time, and even when they’re not, they should always come first after a sudden death. The person who has died will be someone you miss dearly, but one of the best ways to ensure your children stay on the right track is to let them navigate grief and to be there for them when they get sad. In some ways, this may help you to deal with your own grief by allowing you to face it.

Accept help from elsewhere

It could be that you have many family members relying on you to help them through this tough time. Although this will be doing them a world of good, it can leave you feeling worse by the day. This is when it’s recommended you accept help from elsewhere, whether it be from a trusted friend or a therapist. It’s best to understand there is no shame in doing this, as death has a big impact on peoples’ lives, especially if you were close to the person who has gone. It could also help prevent you from picking up any unhealthy vices, like alcohol or smoking, which could place further strain on your family.

Spend time together. 

Some families fall apart after a sudden death, as this is when people withdraw into themselves and stop spending as much time together. It’s more than natural to feel guilty for having fun when someone has died, but it’s wise to celebrate their life instead and realize that you should spend your time together as a family. Visiting places your loved one loved, and going on fun family days out will bring you closer together, rather than push you apart.