Family Routines To Raise Well-Adjusted Children


Routine is a large factor in the growth and development of children, and the home is the most important place for such everyday stability. Your kids need regular routine in their lives to help create safety and stability for them physically and emotionally.

If you’re new to parenting, it may be hard to understand the extent to which children need routine in their lives.  Take a few moments to read through this brief look into some of the main areas in which children need structure and routine.

Bedtime is crucial

A regular bedtime is critical to your children’s success in school and life in general.  Kids need a full night’s sleep to function at their full potential.  Kids need sleep to support healthy development and growth.

A regular sleep schedule helps the brain to function better, and sleep is the best way for your children to relieve daily stressors.  The routine around bedtime should also include regular dental maintenance.  Teach your kids to brush their teeth before bed and upon waking.

Regular mealtimes are important

Regular mealtimes are important for healthy digestion.  Eating dinner at a decent hour every night will also promote healthy sleeping patterns.  You don’t want to send the kids to bed with a full belly, but sending them to bed hungry can be just as bad.

Make sure your children are accustomed to eating dinner around six or seven each evening to provide plenty of time for digestion before bedtime.  Sending your kids to bed with food on their stomach can cause gastrointestinal issues over time.

Bathing and self-care

You don’t want your kid to be the stinky kid in class, so teaching them routine bathing and self-care is beneficial to their adjustment in life.  Some skin types fair better when bathed every other day, so setting a strict daily bathing rule isn’t always the proper way to handle the situation.

Depending on your family’s needs, instill a regular bathing routine into their everyday life.  When they are grown, they will thank you for sparing them the infections and stinkiness.

Exercise supports physical health

Teaching your children the value of physical activity is important, and setting a routine for exercise will help them to develop healthy habits.  Develop a love for physical activity in your children by making a variety of sports, games, and outdoor activities available to them throughout life.

Chores build work ethic

Make cleaning time a regular event in your household, and teach your children the value of a good work ethic.  Teach them how important it is to always do a thorough job, and follow through with every task they encounter.  Their future employers will thank you.

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