Keep Your Family Healthy: Eating Dos And Don’ts For Nutrition


Figuring out what foods make up the perfect diet for your body is a road of discovery.  Everyone’s body is different, but there are quite a few dietary choices that work for nearly everyone.

You want to look and feel your best, and you want to do it the “right” way.  Take a few moments to enhance your education on the subject, and check out a brief summary of a few eating dos and don’ts for nutrition and health.

Do know the source of your food

It’s important to know the source of the foods you put into you and your family’s bodies.  Knowing where your food comes from will help you make a better decision on whether or not you should feed it to your family.

Do try your best to fill your fridge and cabinets with fresh, organic foods, and try to minimize processed, boxed foods.  Your family will live happier, healthier lives when you make clean dietary choices.

Don’t rely on pills for nutrition

Your body cannot survive on nutrition supplements alone.  Even if you take all your vitamins every day, you don’t have the freedom to smash a pound of bacon.  Your nutritional supplements are only helpful as an addition to a healthy diet.

It is also helpful to get the gummy or liquid gel version of your vitamins.  The traditional pill form doesn’t typically break down completely in the body before it is expelled through the bowels.  You end up only getting part of the nutritional benefits when your body isn’t able to take the vitamins in quick enough.

Do drink plenty of water

Your body is made up of mostly water.  You need to be drinking water regularly every day.  Living on a liquid diet of sodas, coffee, and juice is not only bad for your body as a whole, it’s terrible for your dental health.

Drinking healthy amounts of water each day will help your digestion and many other natural processes in the body to function without struggling.  Don’t go overboard on water though.  You could flush vital nutrients from your body by drinking way too much water.

Don’t load up on sugary foods

American’s especially have an unhealthy obsession with sugary foods.  Loading up on sugary foods at breakfast will cause an unhealthy crash in blood sugar later on in the day,  making you feel light-headed and dizzy.

Loading up on sugary foods right before bedtime can do the same thing once you awaken in the morning.  Sugary residue on your teeth overnight is also a troublesome situation for your body.

Do eat more leafy green veggies

Leafy green veggies are not only a significant source of fiber, they are also high in essential vitamins and potassium.  You can never go wrong stuffing your face with leafy green fresh veggies.