Tips For Surviving The First 3 Months Of Parenthood

So you thought the hard part was over when you finally made it through labor?  Think again!  It’s now time to take your newborn home, and although your heart is bursting with love, you’re probably also feeling a little nervous.  As you step into the new territory of parenthood, you may start to wonder what to expect next.

Although not every baby is the same, one thing is certain about what you should expect.  You are going to be tired, and you are going to have to devote everything to caring for your baby for the next few months. Here are some of the best ways not just to survive, but even thrive during this challenging chapter of your child’s life.

Sleep When Your Baby Sleeps

Unless you have a nanny, you aren’t going to be able to sleep when your body wants to.  During the first chapter of your little one’s life, it’s up to them when everyone will be sleeping or not.  Therefore, rather than trying to get your newborn to sleep when you sleep, it’s easier to adjust your sleep pattern to sleep when they sleep.

It may be tempting to get things done around the house when they start sleeping or catch up on work, however, these precious moments when they sleep should be used for your own sleep.

Babies don’t start to sleep through the night until they’re at least three or four months old, so the only way you’re going to make it through is if you nap when they do. The rest can wait!

Track Everything

When you’re deliriously tired, it can be challenging to remember when you last changed your baby’s diaper or fed them.  Time becomes a fog, and you’re not even sure what day of the week it is let alone when their last feeding was.

Therefore, it’s ideal to track everything as you go.  You can do this with an old-fashioned paper and pen or with an app.  Tracking everything makes it easier to hand off shifts between you and your partner.

Make Time For Siblings

If you have other children, it’s imperative that you still make time to connect with them.  Regardless of how old they are and how much they may seem like they’re perfectly adjusted, you should still make time to show them you care. It can be anything as simple as going for a walk or popping out for ice cream together.  The important thing is spending moments one on one without the distraction of the new baby.  Ask a friend or family member to help you out if need be, but make sure that you get in these crucial moments.