6 Ways Your Body Changes After Giving Birth

Most women are probably familiar with the changes your body goes through after you get pregnant.  Swelling breasts, a bigger tummy, and in some cases the occasional bout of morning sickness.


However, less people talk about what happens after you give birth. Here are some of the changes you can expect to see after you have your baby which you may not have known about.

Skin Changes

If your skin changed during pregnancy, it’s likely to change again after birth.  You may experience increased acne, or in some cases discoloration.

In order to keep up with the changes, you should invest in high-quality skincare.  By applying products suitable for your particular skin condition, you should be able to reverse any conditions you developed post-birth.

Hair Loss

Most women agree that their hair is thicker and grows faster during pregnancy.  Since your body is so full of hormones, you don’t lose as many hairs on a daily basis. However, when your hormones drop after giving birth, many women start to notice a significant amount of hair loss.   Their bodies are catching up with all the extra hair it accumulated and is attempting to balance out the growth cycle.

Don’t panic if your hair becomes quite thin! It’s a typical side effect which should regulate itself within a few months.

Breast Changes

When your milk comes in your breasts will get even bigger than they were during pregnancy.  In some cases women experience engorgement.  It’s worth doing a little research on how to avoid developing conditions like clogged milk ducts which can be very painful.

Lastly, after you’ve finished breastfeeding, your breasts will likely fall lower than they did prior to pregnancy.

Stomach Changes

Some women think that the minute they give birth their stomach will instantly shrink back down to its original size.  However, your uterus will still be bigger than usual until at least six weeks postpartum.  You may have developed a linea nigra which will start to fade as well.

If you developed stretch marks, they might start to fade to a lighter color over time.  In order to strengthen your stomach muscles, try to engage in core exercises like sit-ups.

Sore Back

During pregnancy, you had a lot to carry around which may have taken its toll on your back.  It’s not unusual to experience mild back pains.  It should clear up within a few weeks; otherwise, you should make an appointment with your doctor.

Changes In Urination

A lot of women experience urination problems after giving birth to their babies due to the pressure on the urethra during delivery.  It’s not uncommon to suffer from UTIs or burning sensations while going to the bathroom.  Talk to your doctor about what kind of solutions they recommend to better your situation. fffffffffff