Tips To Prepare Your Yard For Warmer Weather

Springtime is when you’ll be required to invest the most time and work into preparing your lawn for the rest of the year.  That’s the bad news.  The good news is that it will be rather simple to maintain your lawn once you get all of the “spring cleaning” done and out of the way.  


Warmer weather means that the family and friends will want to spend more time in the yard.  There’s no harm in making it a more comfortable place to inhabit.  Here are a few tips to prepare your yard for springtime oohs and ahhs.  

Check on the state of your mower

Depending on the size of your yard, your mower may have a big job ahead.  If your yard is larger than the average space, you may want to consider hiring professionals to tend to your lawn.  Mowing 40 acres of land isn’t really the way you want to spend the summer.  

Either way, the lawn needs to be mowed twice a week.  Mowing only once a week allows the grass to grow too long.  Allowing the grass to grow long is actually detrimental to the overall health of the lawn.  You don’t want a patchy presentation. 

Do a bit of spring cleaning

Spring brings about the time to clean up all of the damage done to the yard during the wintertime.  Winter can be rough on a yard, so it’s important to clear the land of excess sticks and limbs left behind by the cold weather.  

You could do some pretty gnarly damage to your lawnmower by not being thorough when you are cleaning up your lawn.  Make sure you cover every square foot for the safety of yourself and your equipment. 

Decide if you want to plant

If you want to plant flowers and other enriching elements in your yard, you will need to get started on the process now.  Planting in the middle of the summer is far too hot for your landscaping efforts to survive. 

You’ll waste time and money if you plant at the wrong time.  Now is the time to consider planting your perennials and some common garden elements.  

Work to create a comfortable outdoor space

The best thing about having a yard when the weather is warm is having a place to sit outside.  It’s therapeutic to enjoy the sunshine and greenery in your yard.  It’s also good to have a place to sit when friends come over for a barbecue.  

Consider lighting options Soft lighting in the night is not only a great mood setter.  Lighting is helpful for safety and moving around after dark.  You probably won’t want to move inside when the sun sets, so consider the placement of yard lighting.

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