Going on vacation as a family when suffering from a long term illness

When you’re suffering from a long term illness or injury, it might seem like the entire world is against you, and that can make it hard to enjoy the everyday little things. However, nowadays it is becoming much easier for everybody to experience the same things as everyone else, including going on vacation. As long as the right preparations and planning are done, you can bring a smile to yours, and your families faces while sunning yourself in a new exciting destination that will let you create some memories of a lifetime.

Get the right transport

Whether it is you, your partner, or your family member suffering from a long term illness, the most important step to going on vacation is to get the right transport sorted for the trip. You can get non-emergency medical transport from Flying Angels that will take care of all the details when it concerns the travel arrangements and documents which takes the stress away from you. This means the logistics of your flight is planned beforehand, making for a smoother journey.

Check with your doctor

If you require prescribed medication, then you need to speak to your doctor or a nurse to confirm whether you will need to make special arrangements concerning taking your medication out of your country and into you’re the country of your holiday destination. Even though your medication might be legal where you live, it might not be where you’re heading, so it’s best to check what is and isn’t allowed. In most cases, you will need a letter from your doctor to confirm you need the medication.

Organize insurance

Before you set off, make sure that you and your family are fully covered by travel insurance. If you are taken ill while on vacation, the last thing you want is to fork out money on medical bills in a foreign country.However, it’s important to declare any medical problems to ensure your insurance is still valid.

Research and book in advance

Finding the right destination, accommodation, and activities are vital for anybody going on a trip. It will make the difference between the trip being one to remember and one that you want to forget. As you will have special requirements, this is more important than ever to get right.

Destination – Look at somewhere that is not too far from where you live, as this will give you comfort in case something should happen and you need to get home quickly.

Accommodation – It’s good to look around and read reviews on the accommodation, especially if you require access via a ramp rather than steps due to being in a wheelchair. Ensure you double check the accommodation will suit your needs and is a suitable location that you can get around easily.

Activities – Researching what there is to do in the local area can mean you can plan any special requirements like transport, but also what will be best suited to you and will not cause any additional pain or discomfort. Try to remember you are on vacation and you are meant to have fun. Getting a good balance will be easier if it’s planned in advance.

Packing right is essential

Once everything is sorted with your travel plans, your next step will be to pack – an exciting lead up to the vacation. However, packing the right way is essential to making sure the trip is hassle-free and enjoyable. You should pack any medication you need for your carry on bag and keep it organized in containers to ensure that even on vacation that you are keeping on top of your health.

Doing this in plenty of time will mean you are prepared for anything that could happen.