Why People on the Gold Coast Glow

Australia is known for being one of the healthiest countries in the world. The fitness industry is thriving and everyone seems to have a healthy glow about them. The country is synonymous with sport and surfing and there is so much to do there that you’ll never be bored. Here are a few suggestions as to why Australians have that Gold Coast glow…


Working outdoors

Australia has a huge amount of agricultural land to cultivate and farm. Therefore, there is lots of work to be found in the great outdoors. There are a large number of health benefits associated with outdoor working, including reducing stress, improving blood pressure, increasing energy levels, burning calories and, of course, soaking up that vitamin D.


Australia is renowned for its sports and surfing. It is one of the surf capitals of the world, really only contested by California and Hawaii. It has many hidden surfing spots that draw the locals and adventurous visitors alike. Hitting the waves will offer a full body workout while you use every muscle to stay upright and negotiate those breaks.

When not in the water, you may find them watching the pros play rugby or AFL, or perhaps on the cricket pitch, hitting some rounds at the golf course or on the tennis courts; sports of which are all among the most played in Australia. Recreational physical activity has positive influences on stamina, the cardiovascular system and overall health and well being. Working up a sweat will certainly leave you glowing.


Australia is a happy place to live. Studies show that Australia ranks above average for well being factors and it’s not really surprising. Deemed ‘the lucky country,’ it is full of beautiful beaches, glorious weather, incredible landmarks, fascinating wildlife and beautiful landscapes; stunning enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. Smiling is infectious, and a great dental service can ensure those Aussie nashers are kept pearly white. Dainty Dental Care for example, offer full family dental care including orthodontics and oral cosmetic treatments. A dazzling smile it sure to shine bright.

Catching rays

The most obvious way to glow is by soaking up rays, and with the Gold Coast boasting ‘sub-tropical climates’ there is plenty of opportunity to work on your tan. The Gold Coast has over 55 kilometers of stunning coastline for walking, surfing, biking and exploring, increasing your activity levels while sunning yourself at the same time.


Australian cuisine is largely western. The indigenous population, however, also eat many local delicacies such as kangaroo, crocodile and emu, and these can be found in some local supermarkets. The aborigines, who were historically hunter-gatherers, adopt a more seasonal diet. Seasonal eating has historically always been an optimum method of eating for health, as it means you only eat food which is readily available depending on the time of year. It is essentially ‘old-school’ calorie control. Also, with a passion for BBQ’s and an abundance of fresh fish and ‘shrimp for the barbie’ available, there is also ample amounts of lean proteins in Aussie diets. Protein is a crucial fuel for muscle growth and repair.


The Aussies glow because they are active, eat well, have plenty of time outside in the sunshine and have a relaxed and happy attitude to life. Adopting some of these habits may serve you well in your health and fitness journey, improve your physical and mental well being, and leave you… glowing.