3 Holiday Ideas for Retired Parents

You’ve come to that time in your life. There’s no need to set an alarm to get up for work anymore, and your kids are all grown up and living their own lives. You have officially retired, but what’s next? For many retired parents, it’s the perfect opportunity to start traveling and see the world. So take a look at these 3 holiday ideas, to give you the travel bug.


Become a Staycation Lover

There’s no need to go all out to get the feeling of a holiday because you don’t even have to be far from home. Why not explore the town you live in a bit more? But give it that holiday feel and stay in ahotel for the night. You can become a tourist in your own town and visit many of the attractions and sites that have been sitting on your doorstep. Many people find that staycations are better-value for money and it’s so easy to travel back home at a moment’s notice if you need to. It’s a great idea for retired parents for many reasons, especially if they have mobility issues, want to stay close to home so that they’re comfortable and to save money too.

Hit the Road

Prefer to get away from home? But would rather not go on a plane? There are so many benefits to getting a motorhome or caravan. We all remember the caravan holidays we took as children, but more retirees are taking it one step further and hitting the road indefinitely. For retirees planning what they can do next, these top 11 benefits of motorhome living for retirees are reason enough to pack your life into a motorhome and explore. With no income coming in when you retire, you can drastically reduce your cost of living by investing in a motorhome. Some people don’t like to fly or can’t, but exploring other places doesn’t have to be put on hold. You also won’t have to deal with the upkeep of a home. Although you will probably downsize, you will have no extra chores, like mowing the grass in your garden. Another benefit is you will feel like you’re on a permanent holiday.

Walking Holidays

It’s so important to stay active as you get older too. Many people find when you retire, you tend to not be as active, so a walking holiday can be the best of both worlds. This is a perfect excuse to travel the world. From Japan to Peru and Norway, you can tackle some of the best walking holidays and play witness to some spectacular sights. If you’re keen to experience the UK, The Express has named some of the best walking routes, inlcuding The Lake & Peak District, which is a must-see place. Wye Valley is also a hidden gem in Wales.Along with discovering beautiful new places and taking in spectacular scenery, you will be staying active and keeping fit in your older years. Seems like the perfect reason to travel the world after working so hard for so many years.