5 Ways to Make Your Living Room Child-Friendly

When you are a parent, whether you are seasoned or new to the whole thing, the safety of your children always comes first before anything else. It is impossible to shield them from all the possible dangers in the outside world, but it is possible to protect them within your own home.There are lots of elements to a home that are potentially dangerous to young children, but most people don’t consider them because they simply don’t cross their minds, and this can be a risk.


To make your home as child-friendly as possible, you have to be prepared and make changes where need be.

1.    Comfortable Furniture

Everyone wants comfortable furniture, but most of all, children want them. When they are especially young, they’re sensitive to everything. An uncomfortable sofa is an unfamiliar sensation and could be enough to make them feel awkward or even upset. Soft cushions and sofas are the way to go. Investing in a pouf or ottoman may also be something to think about, as they’re much easier for children to climb onto!

2.   Deep Clean the Carpet

Carpets can harbor some nasty and dangerous germs if they aren’t cleaned properly, and kids can be particularly susceptible to them. Have your carpets professionally cleaned by carpet cleaners Wandsworth to remove any dirt or germs that pose a potential threat to children if they come in contact with them.Children are prime mess creators, so you will have to do a deep clean to rid the carpet of anybacteria they’ve brought in.

3.   Remove Small Ornaments

Children like to pick up everything. If you have small ornaments that could be a choking hazard, it’s best to put them completely out of reach. Even if you hide them or put them higher than you think the children can reach, if they can, they’ll climb to what they want. It’s best to remove them from the room completely for the time being.

4.   No Sharp Corners

Kids will run around at any speed they like without a care for what’s around them, and it’s your responsibility to make sure they don’t run into anything that could harm them. If you need a coffee table or storage space, make sure the corners are rounded. This way, if they do run into the furniture, it won’t hurt nearly as much as it would if they had sharp corners.

5.   Toy Storage Area

Toys get everywhere. It’s a fact of life. To keep your living room clutter-free, and therefore safer, make sure you have boxes or crates to store the toys in after playtime is over. It will also save time transferring them from your child’s bedroom to the living room every time they want to play in there. As a bonus, you can teach them some responsibility by having them put away their own toys. Childhood is about exploring, and getting hurt sometimes is a part of that, but your home should be a place of complete safety for your child.