4 Fun Reasons Why You Are Ready To Buy Your First Home

You look forward to picking up your mail and reading every postcard marketing real estate in your area. You have money saved for a down payment, a great job and your credit score is good. Here are four fun reasons why you should move on up to homeownership.

1. Love Your City

If you love the city you currently live in and don’t plan to move away in the next three years, buying a home will save you money over renting. As long as you take care of the property, the value of your house will increase in value and be a great investment for you.

2. Love to Decorate

Home decorating television shows and blogs are your preferred form of entertainment. You long to be out of all the white walls of your rental, and away from the boring cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom. A home of your own lets you upgrade and decorate every room to reflect your personal style.

3. Love Pets

If you’re a pet lover, owning a home lets you have more than one pet. So, your cat Fluffy can finally have a friend to play with or you can adopt a dog to run around that new backyard of yours. Make that two dogs, so Fido has a friend to play with as well.

4. Love to Garden

Growing organic vegetables is one of your goals. You want the chance to dig a garden plot in your backyard and grow lettuce, peppers, tomatoes and zucchini. A flower garden is on your list as well, so you can create beautiful arrangements for your home.

If you know you can afford homeownership and find yourself longing for pets, a garden, or the opportunity to finally decorate in your unique style, you’re ready to buy your first home.