Your Children Will Be More Successful if They Love To Read. Here’s How To Make It Happen.

For the sake of their children’s education and future careers, many parents desperately wish their children would swap at least a little of their screen time for reading time. Still, if you’ve tried and failed to instill genuine enthusiasm for reading, you might be at a loss for what to do next. Read on for three tips to help your children learn to love getting lost in a book.

Choose Books for Fun

You might not find much joy in the written word if most of your reading was about tax preparation or some other topic you don’t find interesting. Unfortunately, rapt attention to unexciting material is exactly what many teachers expect from children tasked with required reading that doesn’t match their interests! Stories with relatable characters, like the Baudelaire children written by award-winning author Daniel Handler, who live and play in exciting worlds are likely to be much better received than any homework assignment.

Model Good Reading Habits

If you children don’t ever see you reading, they probably won’t pick up the habit on their own! Children love to mimic what they see the adults around them doing. Prolific children’s book author Daniel Handler recalls his parents as avid readers—a behavior that no doubt influenced his future career choices. Next time you’re tempted to stave off boredom with your phone, pick up a book instead. You might inspire your children to do the same!

Pair Books With Movies

For children who would rather watch a story than read it, offer the best of both worlds and reward them for reading a book with a movie night featuring the big-screen adaptation. Make an event out of the movie night with snacks and bedtime that’s a little later than usual; your little ones will remember the excitement that came along with finishing the book.

Good reading skills are an intellectual gift that will make your children more successful in whatever they choose to pursue as adults. Start encouraging them to read young, and they’ll reap the dividends for years.