Five reasons you may choose to wear perfume

Perfume: many of us wear this every day, while others may choose to put it on only for special events. How does spraying on that special scent of yours make you feel when you do, though?

If you don’t wear a fragrance at the moment, but you’re thinking about it, or you want to do something a little different to make a great impression that doesn’t involve a wardrobe overhaul, then putting on perfume may be a great idea for you. Here are five reasons that mean it could benefit you.


It could bring you memories of another place

Fragrances have a great ability to help you fantasise about a place – which is perfect on a wet winter’s day, where you can lie back and think about the summer. Just take them away with you on holiday and wear these fragrances each day. Then, when you return, you need to spray them on to help you recreate the magic. Your scent will immediately take you back to your holiday memory.

It can help you to relax

If you want to have an aroma that both soothes and calms you, then you can start by adding essential oils to your bath before going to bed (e.g. vetiver and lavender). Then you can look into getting perfumes that have these ingredients in them as well. When you put on your fragrance, you can then go back to a warm, comfortable spot: a useful idea if you often feel stressed when you’re working.

You can try several perfumes by having a subscription box from places such as Scent Magic. It means you could sample a different scent each month and find a fragrance or two that will best suit you.

It may increase your confidence

In a similar way as to how a great outfit can make you feel amazing, then perfumes have the same effect. A good perfume can add a boost to your confidence. Select a scent that works best for you, and you may be surprised at how much better your day may turn out to be.

It could improve your health

Although there’s no evidence to show that wearing perfume can improve a person’s health, it is believed it can still enhance someone’s mood. This may, in turn, go towards reducing your stress levels and so help lower anxiety. So, you could use your favorite perfume to lift up your spirits if you’re going through a difficult day.

It may even help with insomnia and headaches

Perfumes can help to treat insomnia if your fragrance uses essential oils. These items will help with relaxing your body, meaning you can have a peaceful and uninterrupted night of sleep. Those scents with certain essential oils can also help with headaches.

So, while these are only five reasons people may decide to wear perfume, you could have several other occasions why you decide to spray on a scent for the day ahead. Whatever you choose, putting on perfume may give you the positive boost you’re looking for.